80 Year Old Women Dies In Dental Chair

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A true story about 80 year old women who may have died in a dental chair from a stroke or a heart attack.

80 Year Old Women Dies In Dental Chair

A 80 year old women name Maria went to the dental office fo have her annual dental examination and she wanted to have her teeth cleaned on the same day.

After Maria checked in at the reception desk she was given a health history form to fill out. After she had finish filling out the health history form the receptionist told her to have a seat and a dental assistant witll be out to get her in a few minutes.

A few minutes later a dental assistant named Nancy came to the reception area to bring her into the treatment area. But before Nancy took her to be seated in a dental chair for the dentist to examine gums and teeth she took her to the x-ray room to have some x-rays taken of her teeth.

When Nancy had finish taking x-rays of Maria's teeth she took her to be seated in a dental chair in the treatment area. Before Nancy left to develop the x-rays in the darkroom she took Maria's blood pressure, pulse and placed a patient napkin on her and give her a pair of safety glasses to wear during her treatment to prevent her from getting anything into her eyes.

Then she give Maria a magazine to read and told he that she will be back as soon as she's finish developing her x-rays.

When Nancy came back to the treatment room where Maria was sitting she placed the x-rays on the view box. Then she went to get Dr. James. When Dr. James came into the room to examine Maria's mouth he told her ," Maria before I examine your teeth I'm going to go over your health history with you."

While he was going over her health history he asked her for a list of medications that she had been taking. Then he asked her , did she have any new medications added to the list since her last visit.

She responded, " No, Dr. James everything is still the same. Then he said, "your health history appears to be okay and your blood pressure seems to be okay too.

Then he said to her, " now it's time for me to examine your gums and teeth." First he checked her tongue by having her to stick it out and to move it from side to side. Then he examined her throat, tonsils, her palate, the roof of her mouth, underneath the tongue, the flood of the mouth, her lymph nodes, saliva glands and inside of both of her cheeks for any signs of oral cancer. He also examined her temporal-mandibular-joint (T.M.J.) for any fractures and clicking sounds.

Next he told her "I will now check your gum tissues for any signs of periodontal disease , her gums were fine. Then he checked her teeth to see if she had any cavities.

Then he told her "your teeth are okay except, you have one nasty cavity near the gumline behind your lower right molar tooth.

The he said, " the cavity is located in a area where it is very difficult for you to clean with a toothbrush or floss. Then he told her " I am afraid that the tooth may have to be removed. But, I will try to see if I can save it for you.

Then he asked her " would you like to have it filled today? She said, "sure, I don't mind since I'm already here. But I would like to have a appointment to come back to have my teeth cleaned.

Then he told Nancy to set up for a restorative procedure. After Nancy had finish setting up for the procedure she sat down to assist him by handing him a 2 by 2 sterile gauze
him to dry the area where he will be injecting the needle with local anesthesia. Then she gave him a cotton swab with topical anesthetic on it for him to rub the area to help ease the pain a little before he inject the needle with anesthesia in the area where he will be proforming the treatment.

After he had finished giving Maria the anesthesia he told her it will take a a few minutes for her mouth to get numb enough for him to start the procedure.

Then he told her to relax, Nancy and I will be right back in a few minutes. We are just going to see how the patient is doing in the next room while we are waiting for your mouth to get numb. What is wrong with this picture? The dentist and his assistant left a 80 year old women alone in the room after she had been anesthetized with dental anesthesia. That is a no-no.

While they were away Maria started filling a little pain on the left side of her chest and was unable to call for help. The she later passed out.

When Dr. James and Nancy came back to the room where Maria was sitting they had discovered that she was hanging over the dental chair and had passed out. Then Dr. James positioned her up into the chair and had noticed that she wasn't breathing and didn't have a heart beat. Then he told Nancy to call 911.

Then he positioned the chair in a flat position and started performing (C.P.R.) on her. But it was too late. Maria may have died from a heart attack, because the bacteria from the tooth that was badly decayed may had traveled into her blood stream which, may have caused her to have a stroke or heart attack.

Dr. James felt so sorry and said, "If only I had stayed in the room until her mouth was completely numb none of this would had happen." One of the paramedics told him " you must not blame yourself because sometimes things happen without any warning, after out she did live a long and healthy life.

So, you see when a patient has been given any type of medication they should never be left alone especially, if they are a elderly patient because, they could have a allergic reaction to the medicine, a stroke or a heart attack and no one may be around to help them.


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