Coffee And Its Effects - Is Coffee Good Or Bad?

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Coffee is a beverage that is consumed the world over both hot and cold. If taken in excess it could lead to some health issues while moderate consumption is healthier. To know more about coffee and its properties, read on...

About Coffee - An Indian saying

Cough destroying, wind reliever but,
Tissue weakener, strength decreaser
Makes the blood water
Plusses two, minusses three

In essence meaning that coffee has more disadvantages than advantages and should be consumed more as a health drink than as a regular beverage.


Like tea, coffee is also a beverage. But both are quite different from each other. Tea has come from the East (China) while coffee arrived from the West (Arabia).

Coffee needs a good fertile soil to grow. It is mostly grown on the mountainous slopes and in India it is only grown in South India. Coffee plantations are in the Nilgiri mountains.Coffee

Coffee is made from the seeds, called beans, of the plant Coffea arabica. The seeds are roasted to get the typical coffee flavour. Many times chicory is also added to coffee during the manufacturing process.

Coffee beans have a long shelf life if they are not roasted. Roasted beans and coffee powder lose their flavour much sooner.

Benefits Of Coffee

However both tea and coffee share common beneficial and harmful elements.
The benefits of tea and coffee are almost similar. But coffee is more harmful than tea. Some believe that drinking coffee is akin to drinking poison.

For the most part coffee is consumed to relieve fatigue, both mental and physical.
Coffee gives warmth and energy to the body. In cold climates and during cold weather, drinking coffee provides warmth and protects the body from the harmful effects of cold.

Coffee removes lethargy and alerts the mind also. However, coffee being hot constitutionally, it is not healthy to drink it everyday.

Coffee To Remove Opium Poison

Regularly drinking hot coffee removes the poison of opium consumption.
Those who want to kick the habit of opium consumption should start drinking coffee regularly. Coffee will prevent the withdrawal symptoms of opium from making their presence felt like body pains etc.

More About Coffee

Coffee, like tea, is devoid of nutrients in the strictest sense. So it cannot be equated with a tonic.
However it contains some antioxidants too.
It is not an essential requirement for the body. If sugar is added to coffee it becomes more harmful especially for those who have a weak digestive system
Coffee increases urine output. Coffee drinking has a negative effect on the eyes, digestion and the senses.
Coffee drinking causes insomnia and hence it should not be drunk at bedtime.
Drinking excess coffee makes the semen quality go down, weakens the tissues and digestion. It leads to indigestion problems.


Coffee should not be boiled in water but brewed in hot water for a few minutes to draw out the beneficial antioxidants.
It should be drunk not as a routine beverage or something to be consumed whenever the urge arises but more as an aid to help the body perform better.

Watch the video below - " Why Coffee Is Harmful" .

And another Video "The health benefits of coffee"

Decide for yourself what is coffee- Good or Bad?


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author avatar chrysolite
19th May 2012 (#)

Very interesting article, Rajan! Thank you very much for sharing. I've been drinking very light coffee daily for over 40 years and have felt no negative effects so far. But, it seems that everybody is different and everybody has to find out for themselves if coffee is doing them good or not. As you say, one can't generalize.

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author avatar Rajan Singh Jolly
19th May 2012 (#)

I agree with you, Chrysolite. Light coffee is not harmful per se. But it also depends on one's constitution.
I'm glad that you stopped by and left your valuable feedback. I appreciate it very much.

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author avatar Humza
25th Jul 2012 (#)

niceeeee pra jee

I am a coffee guy, dont even remember wha\en I sipped tea for the first time so tea is a no no thing for me

thanx alot for the write :)

dhanewad veera :)

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author avatar Rajan Singh Jolly
27th Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks Humza. Glad to see you and thanks for reading.

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