Guava Fruit And Its Health Benefits

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The Guava fruit is called a super fruit as it is immensely healthy and all parts of the tree are used for treating disease. To know more about how you can use this healthy and versatile fruit, read on...

About The Guava Tree & Fruit

Guava is a fruit of the cold season. It is a very popular, cheap and easily available fruit in India. The tree is native to Central and South America - from Columbia and Peru to Brazil. In India, the Guava was brought by the Portuguese.

The Guava tree can be grown in any soil. It likes a non acidic and hard soil and one that is not water logging prone as the leaves turn yellow in a water logged soil.

Though the tree grows to a height of about 30 feet, the average height of cultivated trees is 10 - 12 feet. The flowers are white and have a sweet fragrance.

The plant starts fruiting in 2 to 3 years and keeps fruiting for 15 to 16 years. The friuts have both white and pink flesh inside while the ripe fruit has a yellow skin on the outside. The white fleshed fruit is sweeter than the pink fleshed one.

In India, the best variety is from Allahabad. Guava is a very healthy fruit.

About Guava

Guava is a brain food and is beneficial for students and those spend time in intellectual pursuits.
The fruit is excellent for those suffering from constipation as it relieves it.
A decoction of the leaves relieves swelling of the gums and halitosis.
Guava bark and root contain a lot of tannin.
Guava is cooling but over consumption can cause wind, diarrhea and fever.
Guava is used to make jams, jellies, murabba, chutney, juice etc.
Guava seeds are constipating.
Sprinkling black pepper powder and salt on the fruit before consuming reduces its wind forming capacity.

Health Benefits Of Guava

Consuming guava for a few days relieves constipation and brings clear motion.

Unripe Guava can be ground with some water to make a paste to relieve migraine headache. Apply at the area of pain, early in the morning. If there is no relief repeat it the next day too.
This an excellent time tested remedy for migraine.

Eating 3-4 guavas or drinking 70 ml of juice of Guava leaves removes opium intoxication.

Guava is very good for those suffering mania. such persons should be allowed to eat as many as they can.

The best time to eat Guavas is after the midday meals. Eat 1-2 hours after food.

Nutrients In Guava

Guava contains Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, glucose, tannic acid and oxalate crystals.
It has the highest concentration of Vitamin C amongst all fruits.

Recipe For Guava Murabba ( Guava Relish)

De skin some ripe Guavas and cut into small pieces.
Add some water and keep on heat.
When the pieces are half cooked and soft, remove from fire and strain off the water.
To this water, add 3 times the amount of sugar. Mix well.
Add the Guava pieces back to this syrup.
Add some cardamon and saffron.
Once it cools down transfer it to a glass container. Tighten the lid.
Let it stay for some days after which it is ready to be consumed.

This murabba is very good to relieve constipation. A piece of Guava can be taken for this purpose.

Video - Guava Jelly

Video - Guava Jam


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