How to Buy Cheap Green Tea

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Drinking green tea has considerable benefits, but the costs of buying it can add up. Here's how to save money on green tea and still enjoy the health benefits.

Drink Green Tea: It's the Healthier Choice

Drinking green tea is a healthy alternative to guzzling soft drinks - and a nice diversion from coffee. But to get the health benefits you need to drink at least three to five cups of the “green stuff” a day. That can get expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to drink green tea without spending a fortune. Discover how to find cheap green tea and still get all of the health benefits.

Buy Loose-Leaf Green Tea

Most tea drinkers buy green tea in tea bags. Not only does this cost more, but the tea in tea bags is mostly tea leaf shavings. You get an inferior cup of tea, and you pay more. Buy loose-leaf green tea instead and a teapot with a removable metal basket to brew your loose-leaf tea. You can find loose-leaf green tea in bulk at natural food stores – or compare prices carefully and buy it online at sites that offer free shipping.

When You Drink Green Tea, Steep It More Than Once

Whether you use loose-leaf green tea or tea bags, use the leaves more than once. Most green tea leaves still give good flavor when you steep them a second time. Black and oolong tea leaves can be steeped up to three times. If you consistently use green tea leaves twice, you cut the cost of each cup in half.

Visit Online Tea Sellers

To get cheap green tea, visit online tea sellers, and sign up to be on their mailing list, so they’ll alert you when they have a special sale. Some tea sellers discount their teas as much as 50% during certain times of the year, and green tea leaves will remain fresh for up to 6 months.

Cheap Green Tea: Grow Your Own Green Tea Plant

Yes, you can grow and harvest your own tea plant from seeds or clonings from an established plant. There are instructions on how to do this online. The success rate is higher if you use plant clonings rather than seeds. The downside is it will take at least three years to get leaves you can use to make tea – and you’ll need access to a greenhouse if you’re in an area where temperatures drop below freezing. If you live in the right region and love to grow your own plants, this is a way to drink green tea on the cheap.

Don’t Drink Green Tea in Bottles

Not only does bottled green tea contain very low levels of catechins, the antioxidants that make green tea so healthy, they cost considerably more. Save your money and brew your own.

Cheap Green Tea: The Bottom Line?

Drink green tea and spend less doing it. It’s the best way to enjoy this healthy beverage and all that it has to offer.


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