Is it Legal to Buy Painkillers Online Without a Prescription? What are the Risks?

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Is it actually legal to buy painkillers online from a pharmacy without obtaining a prescription first? Are there any risks associated with doing this? What types of medications can you order?

How to order painkillers online without obtaining a prescription first.

Can you really buy painkillers online without a prescription? Recently a buddy of mine told me that he actually did this. At first I did not believe him as these are supposed to be controlled. What I came to find out though is that one painkiller in particular is sold massively online and that is ultram or tramadol. And since ultram or tramadol is not codeine based it is not controlled. What is amazing is that you do not even have to have a prescription. Almost every site I visited to research this had a questionnaire to fill out where you would give your personal information along with the reason of why you are ordering the drug. Then it would inform you that a doctor would be reviewing your information and usually an hour later it would get approved if the reason is valid. Once your prescription was approved by the doctor then they would forward that to a pharmacy where your order would be shipped often with overnight delivery. Out of all of the websites I visited that had this drug, every one of them offered both ultram and tramadol in 30, 90, and 180 quantities. Most requested payment by credit card (Visa) but there were some that would take COD's although there was usually a extra charge for this.

So what do I think of this? I have to say that this is a great thing to have for people who actually need the drug but I feel that this could lead to major addiction also. What many people do not know is that tramadol or ultram, although not codeine based, is still highly addictive. The withdrawal symptoms are comparable to heroin withdrawal in aching muscles, fever, trouble sleeping. and a constant sick feeling (nausea). With this in mind, I think they really need to revamp the prescription policy and make the people ordering the drug have a valid prescription from a doctor they are seeing first. I know you will get lots of people who will argue against this because they have valid reasons for ordering from the web but I really worry about the people that don't need it and have this ease to acquire it in a days time. I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this so feel free to comment.


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author avatar Trish
3rd Apr 2011 (#)

hi my name is trisha i order ultram on line every month i have a severe disc problem, also arthritis. when i had insurance i was taking very strong narcotics for my problem i slowly stopped taking everything but the ultram. the reason i started ordering my med online is because i had no insurance and was so tired of drs just giving me narcotics and taking my money. i think its great that you can get your med like ultram without prescription. i believe if there are people who abuse the ultram there is not that many, why would that want ultram when you could go to a doctor who would give you anything you wanted. just my thoughts on it trisha

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author avatar Jon
20th Apr 2011 (#)

Where do you order from Trish?

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author avatar Joy
27th May 2012 (#)

HI Grudge,I am thinking of ordering my ultram on line me an u have similar problems please tell me is this levity an were to order thanks !!!!!!!!!

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author avatar Joy
27th May 2012 (#)

Opps I meant Trish!!!!!!!

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author avatar Roger aka 'Raj' Leonard
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

I hear you loud and clear, Trish. I have terrible arthritis and had to practically kiss doctors' asses to get them to prescribe Tramadol. It worked just fine, although I had to be careful 'cause I'm clean and sober from heroin 28+ years. No one should have to be in terrible pain and have to beg for a medication.

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author avatar Jason
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Does this med help people with restless leg syndrome

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author avatar Penelope
20th Dec 2013 (#)

that's funny that u asked that becuz I guess somebody else has commented that u can withdrawal off of ultram just like herion and the withdrawals from herion u get that restless leg feeling really bad so maybe ultram would help restless leg syndrome but there is another med that is prescribed for r.l.s. but I cant remember

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author avatar Svillage_doctor
12th Sep 2011 (#)

The availability of services that provide for doctor consultations will vary depending on the area in which you reside. If you reside within the USA than doctor referral services that employ licensed physicians within your own state are the best option as they are the only ones compliant with current law. When browsing through the list of doctor referral services in the corresponding members section you will normally see the states where the licensed doctors are located highlighted on their websites which in case not listed can be obtained through the customer service department of the website in question.

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author avatar D-wane
3rd Jan 2015 (#)

where do you purchase this product please. i have severe arthritis in my spine

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