Mosegor: Anti-Migraine Drug

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Mosegor has been known as an appetite stimulant. Interestingly, as a pizotifen, it can also be indicated for migraine headaches.

Mosegor facts

Mosegor is prescription drug manufactured by Sandoz in the Philippines and by Novartis in Thailand. It is available as a 0.5 mg tablet.

As a Pizotifen hydrogen maleate, Mosegor is classified as an antihistamine or anti-serotonin agent. It is a prophylactic migraine drug that works like a calcium channel blocker. It hinders the contraction in the arteries induced by serotonin- a neurotransmitter that controls pain.

For the elderly, pizotifen is to be given at night with the initial dose of 0.5 mg (500mcg). But if this dosage regimen doesn’t work, the dose is gradually increased to three times daily. Maximum dose for adult as a single dose is 3 mg and 4.5 mg in divided doses.

For children 6 to 12 years old, starting dose is 500mcg to 1mg doses. Daily doses up to a maximum of 1.5mg should be given two to three divided doses.

In children from 6 years of age, a maximum single dose of 1mg can be given at night.


Mosegor is contraindicated with individuals who have hypersensitivity to the drug, those with glaucoma and prostatic hypertrophy - an overgrowth or enlargement of prostate glands in males.


Mosegor should be used in precaution in people with renal problems; in patients with history of epilepsy; in cases of urinary retention and in pregnant women. The concentrations of pizotifen in milk does not likely to affect the infant, but its use in nursing mothers is still not recommended.

Side effects and drug interactions

Common side effects are sedation, nausea, dryness of mouth and weight gain.

Sedation may also be enhanced by sedatives, alcohol, antihistamines and cold preparations with antihistamines

Mosegor: Anti-migraine Drug

As a prophylactic medication, Mosegor can reduce the occurrence and period of migraine headaches but will not eliminate the condition. Although it can be an effective choice as prevention for migraine without the unpleasant side effect of heaviness, stomach upsets or liver problems, its use is still limited because of its untoward reactions as drowsiness and weight gain.

With this, other prophylactic migraine drugs which include the cyclandelate, valproic acid, magnesium, the antidepressant amitriptyline, beta blockers propranolol and the calcium channel blocker verapamil are used in place of this drug. Mosegor is not effective in relieving a migraine attack once in progress of if the pain has already begun.

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author avatar Anne Janette Mccoy
5th Aug 2011 (#)

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author avatar Daniel goshime
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

I live in Ethiopia and i like your medicen but i couldnt get it in our country so what shall i do?

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author avatar Phoenix Montoya
13th Jan 2012 (#)

I am sure that there is a generic equivalent. Ask for Pizotifen with the same 0.5mg strength.

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author avatar Glenn
3rd Mar 2012 (#)

go to hell then ask mr, devil to buy this medecine

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author avatar Glenn bling bling castillo
3rd Mar 2012 (#)

go to hell then ask mr, devil to buy this medecine

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author avatar Mistre Tesfaye
27th Aug 2012 (#)

hi danel how r u doning i am good if u need this table i can send to you good luck

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author avatar April
15th Apr 2012 (#)

i'm taking mosegor for 4 months maybe... it helps me a lot... i never had migraine for 7months... hope it will not attack me again... thanks mosegor i gain weight...

mosegor has side effects if i continue using it???

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author avatar SHAAB
11th Jul 2012 (#)

is mosegor can be taken 1 hr before food for appetite??

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author avatar Nurmz
16th Dec 2012 (#)

I been using mosegor to loss my appetite but i suffering craving the food and im always eating n a wrong time..

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author avatar Japm
18th Mar 2014 (#)

i tried mosegor to gain weight..from 37 now 48kg.. :) it just costs higher than other brands but its really effectve

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author avatar Xander
26th Jun 2014 (#)

can i take mosegor in the morning?i gain weight, and im taking it in the it okey to take in the morning?

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author avatar Jane
20th Aug 2014 (#)

Is mosegor for gaining weight or for lossing weight?

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author avatar Jynifer cortis
20th Sep 2014 (#)

can I take mosegor even I have medication for my pinched nerve like pregabalin lyra medicine?

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author avatar Micheal daniel
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

i love mosegor.but what type of anti-inches can take to stop my body inches and foot pain(under foot)

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author avatar Jessy
23rd Sep 2014 (#)

I started mosegor dis morning,let me see how it works for me b4 i commence on it

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author avatar Raju
25th Dec 2014 (#)

I am not gaining weight from last 6 year's and my weight is 50 kg and 26 year's old so I want to be fat so can I use mosegar to gain my weight pls reply

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