When sex is torture

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For some people, the wiring that normally lies dormant until actually required is permanently switched on, meaning that thier lives are beset by an intensity of feelings that cause them far more pain than pleasure

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What some might regard as the best feeling in the world, the intensity of orgasm during sex, is in truth,for some, anything but pleasant. Life can be constantly, and painfully climatic, should any woman number herself among the several hundred unfortunates, those women known about in the western world, that are burdened with the terrible sexual curse that is PSAS.

An incredibly rare, medical condition, Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, recently re-named Persistent Genital arousal syndrome, is so traumatic that a sufferer may experiences as many as 300 orgasms a day, which have nothing whatever to do with their sexual appetites. Sex drive for these poor women, is as normal as it can be, so a halt to the involuntary arousals would be very welcome, if only to allow them some peace.

Rutgers University were the first to conduct pioneering research into this, admittedly very rare condition, during 2007, after 400 women, from various places on earth, reported suffering from it. A report, in one copy of last year’s Shukan Post, cited a growing number of Japanese women with the problem, one of them terrified that, even her mobile phone vibrating, could set her off on a severe bout of what had been dubbed the ‘cum cum disease’ in some papers.

The root causes of this awful malady have not yet been uncovered by concerned scientists, though there are those who believe that the limbic system, responsible for the control of both sexual and pleasure functions, mustbe at the heart of the problem. As yet incurable, psychology can help victims, to at least modify the symptoms, enabling sufferers and partners to live with the problem.

Michelle Collins, a US victim, was 37 years old, before seeing a TV documentary, about another lady with the same symptoms as herself, resulting in Michelle realizing, finally, that her continuous arousal was no tdue to an above average sex-drive at all. In January,2010, she sought professional help, her PSAS being diagnosed, at a specialist clinic, within a short time.

PSAS is so rare that most doctors seeing it only once in their careers, if ever, and the person suffering from it lives in a state, where anything and everything can, and does trigger sexual urges strong enough to orgasm almost at once, in complete and direct opposition to what is regarded as the ‘usual’, female sexual complaint, namely difficulty in getting aroused at all.

Boston University's Institute of Sexual Medicine has, since 2003, seen about 2,500 women, for various problems, yet only 10 were suffering from persistent arousal syndrome. Trazodone, an antidepressant known to cause priapsm, which is the male equivalent of PSAS, can apparentlyset the condition off, some doctors have even going so far as to prescribe drugs normally used in treating mental illness, such as Depakote, in the hope that they would be effective against the ravages of PSAS, but they were not..

Localised applications, of ice, and even anaesthetics, perhaps hoping that the numbness might relieve the symptoms, if only for a little while, have all been tried out, with little effect. This condition is so dreadful that you have to sympathize, with any woman unfortunate enough to be afflicted. There is no doubt, however, that some, less sensitive members of the male sex, coming across any woman suffering, would think it a godsend for him, because his sexual ability, or lack of it, would hardly matter. For him, this certainly would be a cloud with a silver lining.

As one 24 year old victim of this malady observed, having the problem is akin to having a second heartbeat, because PSAS seems to have a life force, and a mind all of its own. How any man might feel, about trying to walk round with a permanent erection, is possibly the nearest any male could get, to picturing the enormity of this illness

This same girl told how she had first become aware of her problem at school, when 17 years old. Sat at her desk, she felt warmth around her genitals, and was suddenly gripped by intense, orgasmic bliss, leaving her very confused. By her second year, she was undergoing one to two hundred involuntary orgasms daily. PSAS affected every moment of this poor girl’s life, but it was 2003 before she discovered what the problem was, and was diagnosed.

She and her boyfriend of six years have never had sex, simply because, due to an accompanying vulvar disorder, the girl is liable to find the sex act itself quite distressingly painful. The couple have, over time, learned to live with the problem,and find ways around it, but how many men could show that level of restraint and understanding?

Women like her are forced to live their lives in sheltered ways, doing their best to avoid anything that might trigger an episode. Ridiculous as it seems, this could be the pounding base beat of loud music, vibrations felt while riding in any sort of vehicle, scary films at the cinema, or even needing desperately to go to the toilet.

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is, without doubt, a sexual disorder, which will, finally, be officially recognized as such in the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’, due out next year. For those poor women who are trapped within the vicious affliction of this so-called ‘cum cum disease’, the holy grail of a proper cure is the hope that allows them to carry on, trying to lead normal lives, despite their horrid afflictions.


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author avatar R. Person
21st Mar 2011 (#)

wow, that would be an inconvenient conditioning

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd Apr 2011 (#)

the diseases and mental abberations are limitless
the human being each one is an entity of ones own kind

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author avatar Vincent M.
7th Apr 2011 (#)

One disorder that is kinda similar that I've had for 4 years now is known as POIS (Post Orgasmic illness Syndrome). For POIS sufferers any kind of ejaculation whether it be from sex, masturbation, or nocturnal emission causes extremely debilitating symptoms such as mental &physical exhaustion, brain fog, anxiety, and various physical pains. These painful symptoms can last days or weeks after an orgasm.

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author avatar Grayus
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Wow... i have these exact symptoms.. and im a guy -_- lucky fucking me...

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