Why we get angry ?

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Anger, its effects and how can one alleviate it. So control anger,before it controls you

Why we get angry ?

Anger is a negative emotion which makes a person goes berserk even on trivial issues. Different people reach differently to situations. Usually we notice that soft-spoken people stay calm and hardly shows any symptoms of anger irrespective of any situation while loud and outspoken ones often react strongly and unable to control their anger. When we are angry then our mind only provokes us to yell and spit venom without realizing how it can affect others. Later, we also repent for our behavior. Anger is not an answer to resolve matters. In anger, we utter without thinking and this is quite hazardous. As a result, it only further deteriorates situations and leaves no scope of repair. Yes, some time we do feel angry because a particular goal was not achieved or some business tensions arise or a scuffle with peers or relatives. It affects us both mentally and physically. So count 1 to 10 when you feel angry….I know too old formula to alleviate anger but it works some times, of course not in extreme cases of anger. We need to stay optimist and shun negative thoughts.

Optimism should be the mantra of life. Be positive, think positive ! Speaking on a candid note, I was never an optimist. I don’t know the reason though but I would always perceive things in a negative way. But thankfully my sister made me believe that negativity entails only depression and it makes our life more gloomy and we feel hopeless. Be good, think good and do good ! Positivism will trigger new hopes and desires and the determination to do something good. Anger will also trigger bad repercussions which in turn makes us so gloomy, frustrated and makes matters worse. So it does no good ! Now it seems weird though, but surprisingly am preaching others that positivism, sunshine and cheers should be our slogan in life. Anyone who follows it, will always stay happy irrespective of any situation. Live life with a smile friends.


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