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Like our previous series on child abuse, female abuse runs rampant all over the world
This article introduces the uninitiated to the new world of warming up before exercising. Dynamic warm-up exercises are explained and examples given.
For the better part of our lives, many of us has been told to "eat your carrots, they are good for your eyesight! But did you know that apricots are good for your eyesight, but they can help fight off those itchy watery eyes but they also encourage healthy skin too! I know right? Win,...
What will be the next thing to happen? What should be the next option for people with disability?
The best tips for the prevention of low back pain.
Recovering from any sort of addiction is hard work. I've written this page as a recovered gambling addict to help others.
Read about a struggle that one in sixty-three family's also go through. A disability that aint picky and don't care if your rich, poor, what race you are or what gender. There is no known reason why it happensd and there is no cure. These are facts I've learned over the years of helpi...
This summer, the heat is increasing day by day in India. Summer has also brought some good things like Mangoes.So, its better if we can cope up with this heat by making use of the available resources....Raw Mango with its health benefits.
With these small tips one can check health, but if you find that you have some health problem it is better to consult with doctor that self treatment.
Malaria is a very common ailment in Nigeria. this post looks at the symptoms of the illness and alternative means of treating it.
In a study involving 120 patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis, 60 patients received treatment for their gum disease, while the other half did not. These test subjects filled out questionnaires about their erectile function, and patients who r...
Music always makes me feel better. I love to listen to all kinds of music genre.
Parkinson Disease a major illness to date has no cure but there are many ways to combat the disease and live a normal life. Many people who suffer from PD find help with their physician and a mental health doctor who can help you with making a plan to help you with problems that occur...
Hope you like this post . Peace of heart and mind and body relaxation can we get from the sauna
Scientists have found a way to prevent some of the neonatal ailments. But any such manipulation may pave way for DNA manipulation too. This may not always be a good news.
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