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We are what we eat, but also where we have our meals and how we have them will say a lot about the way we are.
Global South Support Programme for Civil Society in Nairobi, Kenya aims to support capacity development in four thematic areas of human rights, green growth, social and stability and protection.
Tired? Feeling fatigue? Anemia may be the cause.
Let's talk about beverages that can help you detox your body and keep you healthy.
1.Kalonji oil prevents hair loss, 2 Kalonji oil for diabetes prevention, 3.Kalonji oil for Pimples removal, 4.Kalonji oil for Memory increase, 5.Kalonji oil to ease headache, 6. Kalonji oil for Asthma treatment, 7.Kalonji oil for Healthy heart, 8.Kalonji oil to cure joint pain, 9.Kalo...
We are conditioned to constantly create veils and walls, that then prevent us from seeing god's presence here and now.
Thinking last minute is sometimes the unhealthiest thing in existence. Especially when laziness during "good" times is involved. This series of sections are ways to deal better with life in good times or in emergencies without getting too complacent or fearful.
If you are a runner, you should quit pushing yourself and do mindful running that started with the ancient Buddhist monks.
Ever since man began to domesticate animals, dogs have been at his side. These loveable creatures play many roles in our lives. They are our pets, companions, guards and even guides through life.
Some say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is good for health. Who is then telling the truth ? The question should be what is in your coffee that makes it good or bad for your health.
We cannot begin telling you how often people ignore the importance of posture when sleeping. For most of us, sleep is all about comfort.
Read this if you feel discouraged about yourself and your goals. Shine some light on your goals.
Since time began women have suffered with cramping during their monthly cycle. For some, the pain is tolerable and for others it is unbearable. There are many reasons for the cramps ranging from contraction of the uterus to greater problems like endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory dise...
In a perfect world, drivers would all obey the rules on the road. Recent studies have looked into the loss of life associated with both drunk driving and distracted driving. Which is deadlier?
Being one of the most preferred recreational beverages in the world, tea holds a special place for many of us.
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