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A reflexology massage is the safest way to prevent and treat various diseases.
Millions of people suffer from depression at one time or other. Feeling sad or blue, frustrated and emotional for short periods of time is normal. Life style change can alleviate bouts of depression. Exercise, healthy diet, plenty of sleep and socializing with family and friends are e...
Do you want to feel and look healthy, physically and mentally? Well, here are some tips to help you out.
Everyone wants a happier and life. There are some secrets to live long days. If you follow these formulas point to point, you can also have a longer life and better health.
According to one specialist kidney, the kidney is part of the blood vessels, in which when the pressure is high, the kidneys will work hard.
Some beneficial Tips to Improve your memory with Ayurveda. When we don't remember what was happened in the past, and when the similar situation arises again this problem of forgetfulness is rising in today's world and doctors term it as dementia.
To really distinguish what good food is or what it is not, we have to try everything and it has to be the best of everything.
Most of the skin experts prescription medicine and medications . These medicine, medications and external therapies are perfect for short-term security only.
We cannot stop aging process. Span of life i s not in our hand. Our life and body is gift of God. We should be care it, With some small thing we can slow down aging process and looks younger and active.
However, one face wash, also can trigger a variety of problems on your skin. Acne, dry or scaly skin. So, here we can discuss, mistakes to avoid, when washing your face.
Every girl has her own daily routine care, this routine has to be less care for the skin than they should, you need take care of your skin more .
What is COPD? Here are some interesting, if not sobering thoughts, on this irreversible disorder.
Research currently have identified the fact that ingredient within hot peppers could include considerable positive aspects to defend in opposition to heart disease.
An American study has revealed a strong link between fast foot consumption and memory loss. But might this alter UK Domino's Pizza "dictator" Surinder Kandola's corporate ambitions or policies, or is he likely to forget about this in a day or two?
Obesity has become the modern physical and social epidemic. Most of the modern people are concerned about their weight. There is a close association between sleep and obesity.
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