10 Drugs To Avoid In Pregnancies

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There are alot of drugs to be avoided, but the most serious and concerning are the following.

10 Drugs To Avoid In Pregnancies

It is not news to us that women, when pregnant are told to avoid medications. And not just medication, but also alot of other things, because of the harmful effects that are imposed by them on the fetus. This is why women are prevaccinated most of the times to prevent cross reactions and teratogenic effects on the baby.
No matter how hard we do try, infections can be common during the pregnancy months and there is a wide range of antibiotics that are used to treat them. But there are some that are also avoided. Here are some that pregnant females are told to stay away from and why:
1. Sulfonamides: They cause Kernicterus in the baby, which is basically, yellowing of the eyes and jaundice in the brain.
2. Aminoglycosides: ototoxicity: hearing problems in the baby.
3. Flouroquinilones: tend to cause cartilage damage, hence the body is not able to form any bones later on in life.
4. Erythromycin: acute cholestatic hepatitis in the mother, because they directly affect the liver, it decreases the protein quantity for the fetus and the mother.
5. Clarithromycin: causes direct toxic affects to the baby
6. Metronidazole: causes the occurences of mutations.
7. Tetracyclines: causes discoloured teeth, and prevents bone growth for the baby
8. Ribavarin: teratogenic: "monstrous" baby
9. Griesofulvin: again teratogenic.
10. Chloremphenicol: causes "gray baby" syndrome: because the premature babies lack an important enzyme for the breakdown of this drug.
There are brand names for the same drugs, but these are the generics. As much as they help us in our normal lives, these very same drugs are severely harmful to the new born babies.
One of the drug that is so common, and can be often over looked is alcohol. Alcohol causes severe detrimental effects on the babies that can lead to lifelong impairment of the children.
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Also very important to put down NSAIDS!!!!

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