10 Health Benefits of Guava

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Guavas are often regarded as one of the "superfoods" and also one of the "most nutritious fruits." Discover the health promoting goodness that these seedy fruits have to boast about.

10 Health Benefits of Guava

Depending on the species, a guava’s flesh and seeds can be white, orange, pink or red. The skin is green before maturity and becomes yellow, maroon or remains green when ripe. They are best eaten when semi-ripe because they are crunchy.

Guavas are a treasure-trove of nutrients. Their being high in antioxidants has made them known as one of the “superfoods.” They are also known for their high pectin content.

1. Lower cancer risk (Vitamin C – 628% DV)
Guava contains one of the highest vitamin C content among produce at four times more than oranges. Vitamin C is known as one of the potent antioxidants which help protects cells from free radical damage. High levels of oxidants in the body can damage cell membranes and may contribute to the development of heart disease and cancer.

2. Reduce risk of diabetes (Fiber – 36% DV)
Looking for other sources of fiber? Grab a delicious guava. It is rich in fiber, one of the most talked about nutrients today as it has found to be beneficial in a wide range of disease prevention including diabetes by slowing down the absorption of sugar in the body and thus very beneficial for diabetic individuals. A high fiber diet has also been linked to a lowered risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

3. Promotes good eyesight (Vitamin A – 21% DV)
Guavas are very good sources of vitamin A, the nutrient best known for preserving and improving eyesight.

4. Supports fertility (Folate – 20% DV)
Munching on guava also supplies a good amount of folate in the body. Folate is a must-have nutrient for a healthy pregnancy.

5. Stabilizes blood pressure levels (Potassium – 20% DV)
One cup of guava is packed with almost the same potassium as bananas. Potassium works as an important factor in regulating blood pressure by reversing the role of sodium in unbalancing normal blood pressure.

6. Maintains thyroid health (Copper – 19% DV)
Guavas are good sources of copper, a trace mineral which plays a role in thyroid metabolism especially in hormone production and absorption.

7. Helps the body make use of key nutrients (Manganese -12% DV)
One of the key functions of manganese in the body is being an enzyme activator including the enzymes responsible for the utilization of some key nutrients such as biotin, thiamine and ascorbic acid. Guavas are good sources of manganese.

8. Relaxes nerves and muscles (Magnesium – 9% DV)
Magnesium is one of the essential minerals which needs to be obtained from food as the body cannot make them. Eating guavas can help relax the nerves and muscles through its good amount of magnesium content.

9. Keeps brain healthy (Vitamin B6 – 9% DV)
The B group of vitamins play a vital role in brain function. Guavas are rich in vitamin B3 and B6. Vitamin B3 stimulates brain function and promotes blood flow and vitamin B6 is an important nutrient for brain and nerve function.

10. Good for the skin (Vitamin E – 6% DV)
Regular guava consumption can also do the skin good through its vitamin E content. Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin through its antioxidant properties.

Nutrient data source: USDA
* Percentage in DV refers to 1 cup (165 g).

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author avatar R. Person
2nd Mar 2011 (#)

Guava sounds like a great thing to eat!

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author avatar Denise O
2nd Mar 2011 (#)

All this and it is delicious to boot, gotta love it. Nice read, great info.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Emgee
5th Mar 2011 (#)

makes a delicious drink also.

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author avatar Anahi
4th Oct 2011 (#)

I love guavas and im glad to know it helps in my overall health,thanks for the info

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author avatar MOHAMED FAZAL
20th Dec 2011 (#)



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author avatar Debbietheduck
7th Jan 2012 (#)

I have been taking guava seed capsules for a few months now and have lost 31/2 stone. I have more energy and less appetite. Brilliant!!!

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author avatar Syed arif
20th Mar 2012 (#)

It is very good article, I have one more website which gives some more information of Guava as medicine. http://www.facultystudent.com

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author avatar Meena
20th Nov 2012 (#)

All it means a very valuable information about a fruit which is easily available and affordable for all. means if we use it in our daily life we can prevent our life from many diseases.

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author avatar Dr Meeena Shah
20th Nov 2012 (#)

Being a Naturapathy Doctor I use natural food or uncooked food and I use guava for my patients achildren as patients suffering from constipation

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author avatar Danish
5th Apr 2013 (#)

we should thank God that gives us guava. it very good for health and we should have daily one in a day

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author avatar Dayananda kamath
28th May 2013 (#)

Guava is an excellent medicine for palipitation. Half ripe guava is to be eaten early morning on empty stomach for about 4-5 weeks.

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author avatar Sherry sayers
6th Jul 2013 (#)

question?is the guava leaves as important as the fruit(THE BUD)

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author avatar Suakoo
22nd Aug 2013 (#)

My blood pressure is rather low 90/60. Is it ok for me to consume guava daily (since guava is said to reduce high blood pressure)

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author avatar Karthik
22nd Aug 2013 (#)

Find Guava Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts...http://www.erodetoday.com/blog_guava-health-benefits-and-nutrition-fact-1623.html

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author avatar Olive m. Dolo
12th Sep 2013 (#)

Guava is a amazing fruit which has numerous benefits to our health problems it cure diahrea and running stomach and so many more.

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author avatar Denise Salmon
18th Sep 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing this I learned a lot

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author avatar ANDREW MUBIRU
7th Apr 2016 (#)

Am a guava fruit producer or farmer. I have about two Acres of cultivated land containing guava fruit trees in UGANDA

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author avatar ANDREW MUBIRU
7th Apr 2016 (#)


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author avatar Godwin osigbeme
24th Aug 2016 (#)

Looking forward to be eating guava fruits. will let you know the outcome.

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