10 easy ways to look and feel great

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10 easy ways to look and feel great
Feeling good about yourself and looking your best doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Here are some reminders of small things that make a big different.

10 easy ways to look and feel great

Keep your skin clean and clear by washing your face every morning and every night and using a moisturizer that is right for your skin type. Glowing healthy skin is the first step to looking gorgeous.
LADIES; Make sure you take off your make-up at the end of every day.
GUYS; either be clean–shaven or make sure that any facial hair is neatly trimmed.
Make sure your hair is clean and neat and that your hairstyle suits your face shape. If you want to dye your hair don’t do anything too radical-one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural color is usually the way to. Get advice from a hairdresser when trying chemical treatments such as relaxing, as these can damage your hair.
No matter what you look like, you have a beauty that is special to you and that beauty shines through when you smile. A smile lights up your face and makes you feel good about yourself. It also makes you look friendly and attractive to those around you.
Wear clothes that suit you and that are appropriate for the occasion and your age. Be honest about your body shape and what looks good on you and stay away from clothes that are too short or too tight. IF you’re unsure, play it safe with a plain or too classic outfit, even if it’s just jeans and a T-shirt and dress it up with great accessories like a colorful belt or a necklace.
People will judge you from the first time they see you. Stand up straight and look people in the eye and show them that you respect yourself and are proud of who you are.
Stay active. It’ll make you feel more confident about your body and keep you healthy. You don’t have to go to a gym, even going for a fast walk a couple of times a week will make a difference.
Getting enough sleep to how you feel the next morning and to what your mood will be like for a day. A good eight hours gives your body time to regenerate and will make sure you look relaxed and gorgeous.
8 hands and nails
People do notice the state of your hands and nails will think all sorts of things about you’re depending on what they look like. Work and everyday chores can be hard on your hands, so make sure you keep them clean and moisturize often to keep them soft. Your nails shouldn’t be too long and should be neat and clean. Don’t bite them
9 cigarettes
Don’t smoke. It’s as simple as that. Nobody looks good with a cigarette handing out of their mouths and all effects of smoking are bad, from breath to bad skin and health concerns.
10 food what you eat and drink makes a huge difference to how you feel and what you look. Try to eat as many fresh goodies as possible and stay away from oily fried foods and too much alcohol. It’s also important to keep your meals small and drink lot of water.


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