10 mini steps to boost your health and youth instantly during the day

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10 mini little steps to help you stay young and gorgeous. Stress is a huge toxin in everyone's life. So here is a little step to help you get through your day and stay young and gorgeous all year long.

Do this during the day

Go into a dark room by yourself

If there is a play room, or any empty room or space like the garden, go there and then be by yourself. We don't often have enough
time to be by ourselves and we're constantly bother by friends, co-workers and family that put so much stress on us. Take the time,
each day to reserve some quite time for yourself in a room or space all by yourself. Go ahead, be alone, and relax and appreciate
the time with yourself and forget about the rest of the world. This is your time.

10 Deep breaths

Take deep breaths in and out and in and out and keep on repeating. Your heart and mind will love it as well as your lungs.
Deep breathing has many benefits but best of all, you're getting more oxygen to the head and everywhere else, lowering stress,
pain, and toxin.

Close your eyes for 5 minutes

Go ahead. Close your eyes for 5 minutes. You can sit or lie down. You don't have to time yourself but give yourself about 5 minutes.
You're probably tired already so go ahead and give yourself 5.

Another 5 steps

Imagine you're in Hawaii

Hawaii is probably the best place to mind travel, so imagine you're browsing the beaches in Hawaii. Its sublime and you're loving it.

Float on the water

You're floating on the water with your boards. You're immersing yourself in cool, heavenly water. You're laughing and
enjoying every minute of it.

Drink two large cups of water

Drink up your bottle of water. Go ahead, drink as much as you can, and it will flush out all the waste it needs to in order
to clean up your system. Always drink water each day, and its the best medicine for your body. Dilute those toxins and bacteria with
water. Love water.

Take one conflict off of your mind

Mental stress makes us go nuts so go ahead and clear off your mind. Take one big conflict off of your mind or as many as you like.
Forget about it and try to find a solution to it and don't let it eats you into illness. Continuous mental stress can give you cancer
and heart attack, so go ahead and let go of the bad bully. Tell yourself, your letting it go and for your health and benefit.

Smile and laugh

Smile all you can. Laugh all you can. Go ahead, because it releases good hormones when you smile and laugh. You're much better
off laughing than getting mad. You'll look much younger.

Stretch out all your limps

Stretch out your limps if you can. Stretch it all out and relax. Let all the tension go away.

5 things why you're awesome

Mentally go over 5 reasons why you're so awesome. You're smart, beautiful, funny, hard working, good cooks, good mother,
good husband, good employees, one of a kind, come on you got lots to say about your wonderful self. Do this every day.


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