10 prohibited foods reduce weight

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If you want to reduce your weight and find difficulty in that, simply ignore some food in order to achieve the desired goal, these include:

10 prohibited foods reduce weight

1. The white bread, which has a high sugar' sexual orientation, making makes insulin hormone level jumps high for burning the amount of sugar in the blood, shifting to the FATTY stores in the body, especially in the abdominal region, from here it is recommended that you replace the white bread, homemade products from the whole grain has less sugar' sexual orientation making.

2. Food containing 0 percent of fat, be careful, because of the fat, is often replaced by a substance of sugar, which is consumed without the know. Apart from this, the consumer thinks that the food is not bad for health reason to eat more and thus to the consumption of more calories turn into grease chunky in the body.

3. The white rice, there is a lot of dishes, not much different from the white bread, it is the indispensable high carb diets that encourage the body to store grease, from here the difficulty in weight machine. The best selection of brown rice fiber-rich vitamins and minerals, especially that the research found that the full brown rice husk protects from cardiovascular diseases, asthma and cancer.

4. The chips, mushroom pills: most feature rich in sugar, salt and fats, which give high calories, in addition to that, such as the chip includes proteins carbohydrates and fats but be poor vitamins and minerals.

5. Sweet potato chips, and a large percentage of sugars and fats that hinder the weight machine, in addition to being with a bunch of dangerous chemical substances harmful to health.

6. Ready-made meals, combining plenty of fat and carbohydrates, which gives more calories become Adipose stores in the body.

7. The pizza, and must reduce them because they contain both fat and carbohydrates, which makes them to contribute to the strengthening of the stock the adipose tissue in the body. The same thing for the milk and biscuits, pastries, cakes and desserts, ice cream and sandwiches.

8. The cookies, others may think that this kind of baked goods and light body, but this is not correct, it contains saturated fat and sugars and fluids after disclosing a big obstacle to a weight machine.

9. The industrial fruit juices, and feature a large amount of sugar, which causes a rapid increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which in turn leads to the occurrence of the peak at the level of the hormone insulin to convert sugar and store it in the form of fat in the body.

10. The soft drinks, it is sufficient to read the lines written on the label of these drinks and find that the sugar is the most commonly used in its industry, whether normal or Sugar sugar fructose center. Of course, the presence of sugar, here would be a stumbling block to reduce weight.


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