13 Natural Ways to Fall Asleep without Sleeping Pills

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Sleeping pills or sleep aids is not the only way to fall asleep. You can achieve good sleep with using lots of natural things in the place of any prescription sleeping pills or over the counter sleep aids.

13 Natural Ways to Fall Asleep without Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills or sleep aids is not the only way to fall asleep. You can achieve good sleep with using lots of natural things in the place of any prescription sleeping pills or over the counter sleep aids. What is good about these natural ways to fall asleep is that they are indeed all natural and not habit forming like sleeping pills and some sleep aids.

Think about cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to the treatment of anxiety. It is a method that does have the most scientific evidence to back it and support it. CBT-1 treatment does involved meeting with a sleep therapist regularly to do different sleep assessments on a needed basis.

Get out of bed and do something to make you tired
If you can't sleep, the best thing to do is, to get out of bed and do something that will make you tired. Sometimes, it is hard to get the mind to stop racing before bedtime, and this is why you do require some proper time to wind down before hopping straight into bed. You can read a book, listen to some music, or do something else that is soothing and which you enjoy doing. The idea is to make yourself a bit tired and ready for sleep by doing whatever chosen activity.

Try some meditation
If you would like to quiet your mind without using your muscles at all. This is something that is more than possible. All you need to do is obvious. Doing a simple mindfulness form of meditation, which does involve ten easy steps is just the ticket. Meditation can indeed bring one deep relaxation powers, but it does take time, and when you have these powers of relaxation you will never go wrong with sleep again. Deep breathing can help to clear you mind and prepare you for sleep right away.

Do some progressive muscle relaxation
One thing that does help in a very big way is progressive muscle relaxation. What is progressive muscle relaxation? It is no other than a technique that was developed back in 1915. Progressive muscle relaxation is a form of relaxation exercise where you systematically do tense up all of the muscle groups of your body and then relax them afterward. It helps to promote physical relaxation that does have awesome benefits all its very own.

Get a nice warm bath
A soothing soak is something that can really help you to unwind naturally and to get the good night's sleep that you do seek for yourself. When you do get out of the tub, the rapid cool down of your body will mimic the natural temperature drop, and this will be the very thing to tell your brain trigger that it is now time to go to sleep. A warm bath before bed not only helps you to nod off, it also, is the very thing to give off a definite better quality of sleep.

Get some exercise and break a bit of sweat
You should do some exercise to break up some real sweat. It's not about what exercises to do, only that you, do up and move your body around even for just a little bit. A little bit of exercise is better than none at all. Exercise will not only make your health get better. It will also be something that will help you to get sleep and take increase sleep quality in a major way.

Sniff some aromatherapy
A whiff of lavender can be the very thing to encourage you to get into bed and go to sleep. This information is something that does come from a 2008 study that did involve a group of women. This study did learn that smelling lavender actually did help those group of women who suffered from insomnia. So, with this said, get an essential oil or a bath scrub, or get a sachet with a mask or pillow or mattress. Lavender is just one of the many aromatherapy choices available to you.

Try some yoga
Yoga is a form of very mind quieting exercise. It is the very thing that you do need if you great relaxation and calm for yourself both in mind and body. It is something that can be practiced before bedtime with breathing exercises or with various other methods. The key thing you are trying to achieve with yoga is a comfortable state of mind and body to induce sleep.

Consider the use of a sleep supplement
Natural sleep supplements are something that can be used to get a good night's sleep and to create a better quality of sleep overall. However, despite the news that most of them are safe to use, there still is an area of gray that states that they have not been well researched as they should be. One element that you do often hear a whole lot about is called melatonin. Melatonin is used for those who have disorders that does affect their body clock. Melatonin will not help you to fall asleep the second you get into bed like many believe. If anything, it is quite the reverse, and should be taken a few hours before bedtime. This is because the body is just to ramp up on its own natural production of this sleep hormone.

Make your bedroom look and feel very comfortable
The next thing you need to do is adjust your bedroom to reflect awesome bedroom success. What it this? Make some changes to have your bedroom like more comfortable than just like the constant war zone that you come to try to fall asleep. Buy a new set of comfy sheets and make your room be almost devoid of all light. This means no iPads, no computers and cell phones. Put them all in another room. Set the thermostat on the air conditioner with a very comfortable temperature. Purchase a new set of drapes that will keep lots of light out of your bedroom. Put the alarm clock away.

Cut caffeine usage down somewhat
Caffeine is very much a stimulant and something that can keep you awake. So, with this said, don't drink any coffee, soft drink, or anything else that does contain caffeine before bedtime. You will be sabotaging your own night's rest if you do. It's okay to drink caffeine things, just do it several hours before bedtime, and do it in moderation okay.

Try some very good herbal tea
Caffeine is definitely a no-no before bedtime. If you do need to drink something before bedtime. You should switch to something that is minus all of the caffeine and other stimulants that can strongly affect one's overall sleep quality. What is good about herbal tea is this. It is a product that can actually help you to sleep. Sleepy Time teas are made from the very same compounds that are used to promote good sleep. Some examples of them are chamomile or valerian. They are all natural and are very calming a warm kind of way before one goes to bed.

Quit smoking and drinking
Just like caffeine, nicotine, as well as, alcohol are all stimulants that aren't good for sleep at all. Johns Hopkins researchers, back in 2008, did learn that those who smoke cigarettes are four times more likely than anyone else to develop the woke up feeling very tired in the mornings those who don't smoke at all. Quit smoking and drinking if your sleep is being afflicted, because next it will be your health, and you don't want this.

All natural sleep aids are so much better for you than all of the others. This is because they don't have any addicting qualities that will make you grow accustomed to them for sleep only. They are also a better sleep health alternative overall for the reason just cited here. However, what is best about them is obvious, and that is they can help you attain very adequate sleep if you just give them the chance.


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