20 cities where you can live in peace

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A study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm and economic analysis of The Economist Group, investigated the safety in 50 cities around the world and produced a ranking to elect those that offer the best living conditions for its citizens.

The best living conditions for its citizens

1st Tokyo (Japan)
General note: 85.63
Categories Note Rating
87.18 1st digital security
Health safety 76.26 8th
Infrastructure security 89.79 5th
3rd 89.31 Personal Security

2nd Singapore (Singapore)
General note: 84.61
Categories Note Rating
83.85 2nd digital security
Health safety 75.31 12th
Infrastructure security 88.86 7th
1st 90.42 Personal Security

3rd Osaka (Japan)
General note: 82.36
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 77 5th
Health safety 76.55 6th
Infrastructure security 85.71 12th
2nd 90.2 Personal Safety

4th Stockholm (Sweden)
General note: 80.02
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 74.82 7th
Health safety 75.83 10th
Infrastructure security 21st 81.92
Personal Safety 87.51 5th

5th Amsterdam (Netherlands)
General note: 79.19
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 68.81 17th
Health safety 74.28 13th
4th 91.27 infrastructure security
Personal Safety 82.39 9th

6th Sydney (Australia)
General note: 78.91
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 70.48 14th
Health safety 73.35 17th
4th 91.4 infrastructure security
Personal Safety 85.09 6th

7th Zurich (Switzerland)
General note: 78.84
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 67.04 19th
1st health safety 79.05
1st 92.63 infrastructure security
Personal Safety 76.62 13th

8th Toronto (Canada)
General note: 78.81
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 72.04 11th
Health security 79,05 21st
Infrastructure security 87.57 8th
Personal Safety 84.82 7th

9th Melbourne (Australia)
General note: 78.67
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 65.42 20th
Health safety 74.27 14th
2nd 92.28 infrastructure security
Personal Safety 82.72 8th

10th New York (USA)
General note: 78.08
Categories Note Rating
79.42 3rd digital security
2nd health safety 78.52
16th 84.93 infrastructure security
Personal Safety 69.45 28th

11th Hong Kong (China)
General note: 77.24
Categories Note Rating
78.78 4th digital security
Health safety 73.61 15th
Infrastructure security 71.46 40th
Personal Safety 85.09 6th

12th San Francisco (USA)
General note: 76.63
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 73.85 8th
16th in health safety 73.53
Infrastructure security 86,16 10th
Personal Safety 72.96 21st

13th Taipei (Taiwan)
General note: 76.51
Categories Note Rating
Digital security 21st 65.11
Health security 76 9th
Infrastructure security 22nd 79.25
Personal Safety 85.67 5th

14th Montreal (Canada)
General note: 75.6
Categories Note Rating
Digital Safety 72.04 11th
Health security 72.4 20th
Infrastructure security 89.47 6th
Personal Safety 68.48 29th

15th Barcelona (Spain)
General note: 75.16
Categories Note Rating
Digital Safety 60.29 29th
Health safety 76.35 7th
Infrastructure security 85,65 14th
Personal Safety 78.36 11th

16th Chicago (USA)
General note: 74.89
Categories Note Rating
Digital Security 72.9 10th
Health safety 23rd 69.71
Infrastructure security 85.69 13th
Personal Safety 71.27 25th

17th Los Angeles (USA)
General note: 74.24
Categories Note Rating
Digital Safety 74.99 6th
Health safety 66.57 26th
Infrastructure security 83.72 19th
Personal Safety 71.66 23rd

18th London (UK)
General note: 73.83
Categories Note Rating
Digital 69.42 16th Security
Health security 22nd 69.78
Infrastructure security 78.78 25th
Personal Safety 77.35 12th

19th Washington (USA)
General note: 73.37
Note Categories Digital Security Rating 69.99 15th Security in health infrastructure 72.53 19th Security Personal Safety 73.95 77 29th 17th

20th Frankfurt (Germany)
General note: 73.05
Categories Note Rating
Digital Security 33rd 57.45
4th health safety 77.38
Infrastructure security 82.79 20th
16th 74.57 Personal Security

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
14th Feb 2015 (#)

If one is a law abiding citizen and doesn't go to wrong places any city should be safe foe him.

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