2000 Body weight Squats

Parv Gupta By Parv Gupta, 2nd Nov 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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I completed 2000 body weight squats and won Hero of the Month at my gym.

Hero of the month - Squatting

Hello guys,

Yesterday there was a competition in my gym to do some body weight squats. Winner was to be decided on the basis how many repetitions a person completes.

I was pretty excited as I love training my legs and I squat daily. I was a hotshot and a contender for the title, many people were cheering for me.

A little information about myself

  • I'm 145 Lbs(65 Kgs) male.
  • I'm an athlete, I run 100m and 200m.
  • I love training legs.
  • I have the most ripped legs in my gym.

Now coming to the competition

I started around 7 in the evening. Slips were made with the name of the participants and were drawn at random. I was 6-7 guy to compete in the challenge. Before me the highest score was 204 repetitions.

When my turn came, one of my friend started shouting - "He will do 500 repetitions with easy, come and watch him". This made me nervous as I didn't know how much I will be able to do.

So I started and did some 100 repetitions and my hamstring started to cause some troubles. A couple of weeks ago I had a hamstring injury and I was not fully recovered. But I kept it aside and punched my hamstring a couple of times and continued. I reached 200 repetitions in around 5 minutes. Everyone went nuts.

Now I was leading with highest repetitions. When I reached 300 repetitions, I got bored and said I will stop at 400. But they all said keep doing, we know you are going to kill it, keep going. So I went on and finished 400 repetitions. I was getting bored, so I asked my friend to bring my cell phone. I called my girl friend and talked to her. We talked for like 30 minutes and I was over 1700 repetitions that time. The whole environment was going crazy. Even I was going crazy. I hung up the phone and took my shirt off. It was electrifying when I took my shirt off. People were taking pictures of me and making videos. Everyone was just there looking at me.

Now I reached 2000 repetitions and stopped because I knew no one will come closer to me and I have already won.

It took me around a hour to complete this streak. Then the owner of the gym asked if anyone would like to challenge me. No one came forward and I was declared Hero of the Month.

My picture will be displayed for a month on the board and I even got a container of free supplement.

Motivation for you

Motivation - Kill your competition by setting standards so high which they have never even imagined. - Parv

The biggest challenge I'm facing now is that I can hardly walk and stairs are my worst nightmares. Hope to recover fast.

Feeling Strong.


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author avatar xiaolisu
2nd Nov 2014 (#)


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author avatar spirited
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

that's a lot of squats.

I have heard of some guys doing that with weights up to 300 or more squats with 300 pounds on their shoulders, I have never heard of someone reaching 2000, a great effort.

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author avatar Parv Gupta
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you for your support. :)

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
8th Nov 2014 (#)

Great article! Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

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