3 Easy Meditation Techniques

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Meditation brings in a calmness which helps in healing your body and motivates your mind. The article highlights three easy meditation techniques.

3 Easy Meditation Techniques

Look for answers to your toughest problems, after your meditation session, you are bound to get them.

Failures can be devastating, at times. However, I wish to thank one such event which made me learn meditation. Yet another failure had made me tense, when one of my friends suggested that I do meditation to calm my mind. This seemed to be a very good advice, till I realized that I didn't know how to meditate. I managed to learn and practice a few meditation techniques after that. I wish to discuss the easily practicable ones here.

Technique 1 - Silva Method

This is taken from the Silva method of mind control. Sit or lie down in a place where you will not be disturbed for some time. Close your eyes and start counting in the reverse from 100. Count down with each exhalation. 100, 99, 98, 97.... till you reach Zero. Simultaneously, concentrate on an easy image like a ball, a lamp etc. By the time you reach zero you would feel the calmness. Stay in this meditative level for some time and then tell yourself that you are coming out of the level and count one to 10. If you feel happy practicing this method, I will suggest that you can look up Silva method and learn more about it. What I have mentioned here is just a very small portion of the various techniques this method teaches. Through this method the creator of Silva method believes that success can be achieved in many areas - from health to personal development.

Technique 2 - Yoga Nidra

Lie on your back and relax. Close your eyes. From your feet up, you will need to concentrate on one part of the body at a time. First concentrate on your feet and relax it fully. Tell your mind that the feet are feeling warm and cozy. Feel the warmth! Then relax your calf muscles and feel that they are warm. This way slowly move up to the head, taking one muscle / part of the body at a time. By the time you have reached the head... your entire body is relaxed and warm. A lot more can be added to this technique, but I wish to keep it simple. When you come out of this meditation, tell your mind to come out of it. Count 10 to achieve it.

Technique 3- Repeating a Mantra

Repeating some special words would take you to meditative level immediately. Such words are called Mantra. Some of the most used mantra include Aum... (or Om), SoHum etc. For this technique sit or lie down in a relaxed position. Close your eyes. Let me use the SoHum Mantra to explain the technique. Take a couple of deep breaths. Then inhale and as you start your exhalation, you will need to say the Mantra aloud. This is how the Mantra is to be said....So.o.o.o.o.o...Ha.....mmmmmm Roughly say Soooo for the first half of the exhalation, then the word Ha is more like a changeover and we end with mmmm which probably lasts the final one-third of the exhalation. When you are doing it right you reach the meditative level in 3 to 4 repetitions. Though you can say the mantra as many times as you want, but 15 to 20 repetitions will calm your mind completely. Like the other techniques slowly come out of meditation.

A Word of Caution

I have used all the above techniques and found them to be very helpful. They helped me calm down, concentrate on problems and even helped me find new ideas. Yet I wish to caution you about couple of aspects:


Some people fall asleep as their mind relaxes. In such a case make sure that you've set an alarm clock to ring after a stipulated time before you start meditating.

If you have any medical condition that might aggravate on controlling your own mind... please talk to your doctor before trying meditation.


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