3 Top Questions Writers Ask About Weight Loss

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The issue of weight and losing excess weight concern all writer as well at wikinut.Read this article and discover how to mange your weight issues

Obesity or Overweight

One of the health problems plaguing the people in Europe and American is Obesity and Overweight.It is finding its way into Asia and Africa too as the rate of obesity and overweight is increasing due to the American way of living that many of these people are emulating.

You could notice I mentioned obesity and overweight as a major health concern.Probably his could get you thinking.

Is there are any difference between Obesity and overweight?

Yes there is.

Obesity has got to do with the fat level in the body's system.It is the high level of bad fat that is accumulates in our muscles and tissue that bring about obesity.

Now how about overweight.

Overweight is the the body's BMI( that is body mass index) compared to how much height the person has.This has to do with how much our body weight is considering the the capacity we can bear.

So,you see that obesity and overweight are 2 different thing entirely and the way you treat one is different from the other.

Let me take you through the main thrust of this article, That is, we want to give answers to top 3 question that I have discovered most writers like me do ask as it regards weight issues.

You know that if you are writer, we spend must times on sitting by the laptop computer to write.And we do spend time thinking our to put our thoughts together in a logical manner.

After putting much time and energy, I mean mental energy into our work, we tend to forget that we could become obese or overweight.If we then find ourselves in this situation, what do we do?

The Probing Weight Loss Questions

Questions like

Is It because I sit most times that I become obese?

Is it because I don't exercise my muscles?

Am I genetically wired to be Obese?

These may all pop up from our mind and we seem to have not answers to them.

Not anymore as I would provide you with answers.

Top Questions and Answers

Top question 1.

Is sitting most times responsible for obesity?

No. I know you may have heard or read that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle become obese.But, do you know that even if most of the times your work require you sit down a lot,that does not affect your weight level.


If you are able to carefully manage the amount of calories you take every day and ensure that you eat the required calories and burn as much for the day, then you may not have any thing to worry about obesity.

Top question 2.Is exercises responsible for weight gain?

Yes.If your work require that you stay at your computer or laptop as a writer,if you ignore exercises, you can become obese.

Even if your the lazy bone and don't like any thing like workout or exercises,you could learn to take a few minutes break from your work at the computer and then do a quick press up right where you are.

You can decide to walk some distances that you might want to use car.Taking you bicycle and riding around for 15-20 minutes is good as this burn the excess calories that you body might not have used up while working at your computer.

Top question 3.Is Genetic got anything to do with Obesity?

Many of us don't like to take responsible for whatever situation we experience. We like to find something to push the blame to.And one of the things we blame for our obesity is our genes.

Don't be fooled.Your genes no matter what it is ,is not responsible for your obesity or weight problems.Weight issues is all about the foods you eat and rate of your metabolism.These are what determine how much weight you have.

Are you wondering what metabolism is? It is a process by which the digested food in our body system is distributed to the cells that needs them for daily functioning and how we use up these energy that build ups due to physical activities that we do as well.

You see, it is two way traffic. Energy comes in one way and it goes out the other way.It is the way it balances itself out that will determine if you would not fall in the bracket of obese people.

Alright. I think I have been able to answer your top 3 question about obesity.The ball is now in your court to decide how you would manage your weight regularly.

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Stay healthy always.


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