4 Benefits of Avoiding Dinner Too Late

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Modern life has changed and lifestyle, and making erratic pattern of human life. Breakdown of the streets makes the late arriving home, and forced to dinner on at 8 pm. Though this could have a negative impact if you eat too late.

benefits of eating early

Here are some of the health benefits that will motivate you to eat early and sleep early.

Can avoid stomach acid up

If you eat a heavy meal before bed, you will feel uncomfortable when you are lying on your bed. Also, stomach acid rises and they annoy you cause heart burn. To avoid this, it is better to have dinner before 20:00 the night.

More balanced body activity

After the meal, your stomach is generally busy digesting your food. Your sleep patterns may be affected if you try to sleep with a full stomach. If you maintain at least a one hour time limit between dinner and bedtime you, then you will be able to sleep comfortably.

Can avoid obesity

Research shows that dinner and obesity is strongly associated. Maybe because after dinner usually more tired stomach digest food and your metabolism slows down during that time.

To increase your metabolism, make sure you eat small meals throughout the day, and dinner ended even before 08:00 the night.

Can avoid overeating

One good reason not to eat dinner is to avoid over-consumption. If you are too hungry, you can not control your appetite. Especially, when the distance between the lunch and dinner were too far away. You will obviously end up overeating at dinner because you were too hungry.

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