4 Everyday Uses for DNA Technology

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Scientists have accomplished some amazing things and made all kinds of mind-blowing discoveries.


We can clone animals. We can use a colony formation assay to monitor the gradual transformation of cells on a microscopic level. We can create life and fight the most awful of diseases.
But the study of DNA has led to some commonplace solutions as well. Let’s take a look at 4 everyday uses of DNA technology.
1. Identifying people who don’t pick up after their dogs
It’s amazing that, even in 2013, there are still people who don’t pick up after their pets. It’s irresponsible, unhealthy for the environment, and just plain gross. That’s where PooPrints comes into the picture. The company essentially keeps a worldwide database of dog DNA.
From there, a managed community or apartment complex would require everyone who owns a dog to submit their pup’s DNA. If you found a special gift on your lawn, you can tell the management, who can then ship that gift to PooPrints. Once you know the DNA, you know the pooch and the owner who didn’t pick up after him.
2. Dating
With online dating and social media, meeting your match has become as technologically streamlined as ever. However, some sites have taken the extra step to find someone with a similar genetic profile as you. That doesn’t mean you get a genetic clone of yourself. It’s just a matter of genetic compatibility and finding a mate who will most likely proffer children resistant to disease.
3. Personalized cosmetics
Maintaining the health and beauty of your skin takes a lot of work and only seems to get harder with age. The fact is, everyone’s skin is unique—the amount of oil you produce, the make-up of your collagen, your skin’s flexibility, it’s all different. Cosmetics, however, aren’t made to match each person’s unique skin type.
Dermagenetics tests your DNA and then creates a series of cosmetics custom deigned for your skin based on what your genes say. This makes for much more effective skin care, though it doesn’t exactly come cheap.
4. Health and inherited traits
Probably the coolest application of DNA technology is learning more about yourself and what your future potentially holds. 23andMe uses your DNA to identify all kinds of potential health conditions and inherited traits. You can figure out if you’re lactose intolerant, susceptible to male pattern baldness, or allergic to popular medications. You can find out if your kids are potential carriers for disease, allowing you to plan for your family’s health. It’s an amazing tool and can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
DNA technology is truly amazing. Only time will tell how it will work its way into our future.


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