4 Myths They Made You Believe About E-Bikes

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E-bikes have faced a lot of criticism from some people. That has made some people to believe that e-bikes are not for them.

4 Myths They Made You Believe About E-Bikes

Should I invest in an e-bike? If you are a regular cyclist, I can bet you have found yourself asking that question more than once. Although popular across Europe and parts of America, e-bikes have faced a lot of criticism from some people. That has made some people to believe that e-bikes are not for them. The most interesting thing is that for the most part, this scepticism is based on false beliefs. We’ll consider some of the most common e-byke healthmyths you have been made to believe over time.

It is more dangerous

Accidents do happen; no one is going to deny that. However, there is no proven statistic indicating that e-bikes are more likely to have you crippled compared to the ‘normal’ cycles. Provided you are careful, you will have an amazing experience with these fascinating bikes. It might also be true that bicycle fatalities are more than car fatalities, but riding e-bikes has very little,if anything at all,to do with that. At the end of the day, the responsibility of ensuring safe cycling habits is the individual’s.

E-bikes make you impotent

I am certain you have heard this before; more often than once. There is no evidence showing that regular cycling is likely to result to erectile dysfunction. Many cyclists have been made to believe that they have higher chances of suffering from either permanent or temporary erectile dysfunction if they spend several hours on their e-bikes. Interestingly, that has made people go slow on their cycling habits. Instead of worrying about impotency, you should just focus on ensuring your saddle fits well. In fact, reliable health records have it that consistent biking is more likely to reduce your chances of getting erectile dysfunction because regular cycling keeps cardiovascular complication, a pre-disposing factor for this condition, at bay.

E-bikes are not effective in weight loss

Yet another popular myth is that e-bikes are not as effective as the ‘normal’ bikes when it comes to burning excess calories. Since e-bikes are fitted with some exceptional components, some people are tempted to believe that they provide too much assistance when it comes to cycling. That is far from the truth. E-bikes help cyclists pedal, making it possible for them to go through full bike workouts without much exertion. The assistance provided is necessary in relieving pressure on essential body parts such as hip joints and knees. This in turn gives room for more flexibility and exercise. In the end, you will find it easy to ride and exercise more using these bikes. Without a doubt, you will lose substantial weight if you are committed.


You have probably spent the better part of your life believing some of these myths. Maybe that’s why you haven’t invested in this awesome asset that guarantees an exciting transport and exercise experience. Now that you know the truth, you can go ahead and join millions of people benefiting worldwide from the many health benefits of e-bikes.


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