4 Powerful Herbs That Help Prevent and Fight Cancer

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Cancer is a scary word for most people, but the good news is that you can take proactive measures to help prevent and fight cancer.

4 Powerful Herbs That Help Prevent and Fight Cancer

Cancer is one of the most common, yet most feared, diseases of our time. The big "C" word is something you hope will never happen to you or your loved ones. Cancer strikes fear into so many hearts, but the good news is that you can take proactive measures to help prevent and fight cancer. There are four very powerful herbs that stand out as natural preventatives against cancer, and they've been used in holistic medicine for thousands of years.

Pau D' Arco

This herb is made from the inner bark of the lapacho tree found in South America and contains strong antitumor, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. The two active chemicals in pau d' arco are called lapachol and beta-lapachone, which may kill some bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. Not only is pau d'arco beneficial for cancer, but also other conditions such as yeast infections, influenza, arthritis and bacterial infections. Take pau d'arco in capsule form or drink it as a tea, or you can prepare a pau d'arco bath or use it as a compress.


The Chinese herb, Astragalus, is an adaptogen that can help the body cope with stressors. It boosts the immune system and stimulates your body's natural production of interferon, which may help to fight viruses and bacteria, as well as protect against the toxic effects of chemotherapy. When astragalus is used in combination with other herbs, such as Ligustrum lucidum, it may be helpful for treating lung cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. However, more scientific evidence is needed to determine its true efficacy for these conditions.

Burdock Root

This medicinal herb is well-respected and used for a variety of symptoms and conditions, especially in Asia and the West. Burdock root is also known for its anti-cancer compounds and may be effective against various types of tumors, leukemia and lymphoma. You can also use this herb to tone the liver, kidneys, and lungs, as well as to purify the blood and build the immune system. Burdock root is especially effective for cleansing the lymphatic system and neutralizing poisons from the blood.


Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory healing remedy, especially in the Indian and Chinese systems of medicine. Due to its deep yellow-orange color, turmeric was traditionally called "Indian saffron." For nearly three thousand years, turmeric has been used medicinally for a variety of conditions, including cancer. Turmeric contains an antioxidant-rich ingredient called curcumin, which may help the body destroy mutated cancer cells and prevent further harm by stopping the spread of cancer cells. In addition, epidemiological studies have shown that frequent use of turmeric may help lower rates of prostate, breast, colon and lung cancer.

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