4 Symptoms to Look for Before Consulting a Vein Specialist

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This page is all about consulting a vein specialist if someone feels described symptoms in the article.

Symptoms to Lookout to Consult with Vein Specialist

As we get older, it is important to be both aware and knowledgeable about our bodies, what changes are happening, and how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, certain factors can either help or harm our bodies, causing possibly severe health issues down the line. Certain health issues are easier to notice and treat, such as the flu or worsening eyesight. Yet, there are those that we may not be as aware of, specifically, vein illness and diseases. You may have seen, heard of, or even experienced varicose veins, “spider veins”, and other notable vein illnesses. Recognizing vein illnesses and knowing when to consult a vein specialist may not be as transparent. Here are a few symptoms you should lookout for if you believe you need to visit a vein treatment center.

First, Do You Notice Sore or Sharp Pain in Your Legs?

Typically, this is the first, and most common, symptom of vein disease. Simply put, you will experience these discomforts due to the lack of blood moving efficiently through your veins, causing large amounts of inflammation. This inflammation will lead to increased pressure and swelling, worsening the pain you already experience.

Next, Do Your Legs Feel Restless When Sitting or Standing Still?

Another common symptom of vein diseases is restless legs in patients. The need to walk or move is preferred over the itchy, pricking pain you may experience. While restless legs can be caused by multiple factors, vein flow is most influential. Like chronic pain you experience in your legs, inflammation from poorly circulated veins can cause the restless feeling you have in your legs.

Do You Notice A Change in Your Skin Color?

Third, while you may not feel this, you may notice a change in your skin color where veins are affected. This again is due to poor circulation and increased inflammation in a closed area. Like a bruise, you blood remains blocked and may flow closer to the top of your skin, causing variation in your skin color.

Do Wounds in Your Legs Not Heal?

Finally, you may want to consult a vein specialist if wounds you have in your legs do not heal. Your veins are vital for transporting nutrients to harmed parts of your body. If your veins do not have proper circulation due to illness or disease, your body cannot properly heal itself. This symptom is less common but can be vastly more harmful if left untreated.

Consult With Vein Specialist

While each patient is unique, there are common symptoms that you can watch for when deciding to visit your local vein treatment center. At the USA Vein Clinic, we understand your pain and more importantly, your concern with finding the right vein specialist to diagnose and treat your symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to make an appointment to visit of vein treatment center today!


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