4 Tasty Teas That Also Help You Sleep Better

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A short list of teas that will help you sleep deeper and longer!!!


If you suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, then you may in need of a good bedtime tea. Some say it’s bogus, but it’s been proven that certain teas infused with special ingredients can and will help you sleep much better at night.
Regardless, even the calming, soothing process of sitting down at the end of a long day with a warm cup of tea can help relax your body and ease the transition to sleep. But if you are looking for special teas that have effective sleep inducing properties then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 4 awesome and tasty teas that also help you sleep better at night.


So there are two types of chamomile; German and Roman. Both are great, but the Roman one is the type you want for sleeping problems as the German type is often used for skin irritations and inflammation. You’ve probably heard of Chamomile before, it’s often used in medicinal products and different bedtime teas in combination with other ingredients.
In tea form, the Chamomile herb is infused in hot water and steeped for a few minutes. Then you remove the infuser or tea bag for disposal. Add some milk and honey and you’ve got yourself one delicious, relaxing warm beverage before bed.


Lavender is a shrub that originates from the Mediterranean area. But it’s commonly used across the globe for so many things including numerous health issues. It’s infused into lotions and made into oils for everything from baby creams to medical purposes. It smells great but it’s smell is what makes it such a great sleep agent.
Lavender, when dried and infused into warm water for tea, helps induce sleep and relaxes your body. It also helps calm stress and anxiety which, themselves, are major factors in poor rest. So, not only are you getting a delicious tea that calms the mind, you also get one that helps tackle stressful emotions.


In my opinion, hops tea is the ultimate super hero of tea. Helping with sleep disorders is just one of the many, many things it can do. It relieves stress and anxiety, helps with digestive problems, balances estrogen levels in females, promotes healthy bowels, helps to focus your mind which is great for those who live with ADD and ADHD, and then, of course, it’s a sleeping agent.
Hops, the same thing used in the brewing of beer, makes you sleepy so it’s only natural that we use it as a sleeping agent. Just a couple of buds from the plant, dried, and then steeped in a cup of warm water will create a tea infusion that is sure to help you. I add a bit of honey to balance the slightly bitter tastes, but otherwise, hops tea tastes somewhat like green tea.

Valerian Root

Valerian is serious business and is best used for those who suffer from really bad insomnia. It’s grown as a flower, but it’s the root that is used for making tea. The root is harvested and dried, then infused into the warm water just like any other natural tea.
But Valerian root has mega sedative properties, so use in small doses and don’t go out driving after drinking it. In large qualities, it can be considered a mild tranquilizer, so consider that.
It can be a little tasteless so if you prefer a tasty tea, add a couple spoonfuls of honey and milk and it turns into a sweet, creamy mixture. The effects take hold pretty fast, so make sure to drink right before bed and you should have a nice, calm slumber.


And that’s about it. I love these 4 amazing teas not only for their power to help me get a good night’s rest, but also because they’re tasty and enjoying after a long day dealing with life’s stresses. But remember, when trying anything new that is plant based, always try a test first to see if your body has a reaction. It’s not common with herb based teas, but you just never know.
If you found this article helpful or have some bedtime teas of your own to add, feel free to comment share below!


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