4 Things To Keep In Mind When Trying To Learn To Memorize

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Trying to learn how to memorize better isn't easy - here are 4 things to keep in mind when doing so.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Trying To Learn To Memorize

In my journey to improve my memory, I keep on seeing that it is hard to stay motivated when you can’t seem to remember anything. It’s really exhausting, especially when you keep on forgetting everything, but I learned few things.

I learned that you cannot let stress get to you, nor can you allow yourself to give up. As such, I decided to write about 5 things to remember when trying to learn to memorize. Memory improvement isn’t easy:

1 - Keep Calm And Take A Deep Breath

When stress starts getting to you it’s time to calm down and take a deep breath. Continuing and fighting against stress is just a way of making your own memory improvement path harder, so the best thing to do is to put everything down and to just stop for a while.

Drink some tea, take a walk, do something other than trying. After you calm down, all you need to do is to get back to work and to restart your process. You won’t believe the amazing results you’ll get after you calm down.

2 – Beware: False Information Is Out There

To learn to memorize, we need to find resources to do so. It might look like an easy task: just Google it. Right? Wrong.

There is a lot of false information out there and in order to get real information the best thing to do is to check who wrote about memorization, based on what and to confirm with a second source if what is being said is true.

The last thing someone who is trying to learn how to memorize needs is to spend a few months trying out false methods because some source had it all wrong. Wikihow, for example, has an excellent guide for people who want to http://www.wikihow.com/Memorize.

3 – Don’t Stick To One Method

For some people, a specific memorization method is going to work and for some other people, this memorization method is going to be absolutely useless. In order to avoid wasting your time, make sure to have a few methods at hand.

If you see that one method doesn’t do anything, switch over to the next one. You’ll save a lot of time doing your research all over again and on top of that you’ll avoid stressing out over failure.

4 – Repetition Is Crucial

It doesn’t really matter if you are an auditory learner or a visual learner – repetition is crucial. You can try it out yourself: try to memorize a chunk of text after reading/ listening to it just one time and ask yourself how much you managed to get.

Now read/ listen to it two or three times and see how much more you got. When trying to learn to memorize it’s crucial for you to repeat over and over again. Soon enough, you’ll get it right.


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