4 Ways to Find Inspiration

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Are you running low on inspiration? Here are 4 tips that will help you find your inspiration.

4 Ways to Find Your Inspiration

So, I hear you're in a rut and can't seem to find your way out. What you need is a little "INSPIRATION". Inspiration is being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stimulated so that you do or feel something that opens you up to your creative possibilities. Inspiration keeps you balanced, happy, and moving forward. We ALL need inspiration!

Now that you recognize what you need, the question is how do you get it? Here are 4 things I've found that help us find inspiration.

1. Step away from the computer, IPad, cell phone, and any other technology. I can imagine the look of horror on you face now. You really will be OK! We find ourselves surfing the web, moving from Facebook, Twitter, to e-mail and back again. We are ether stimulated by it all or we go into a www dot coma. There is a world of information but when you stay in that web too long you get trapped and there is no inspiration to be found. Step away and take a break.

2. Walk it out. Get moving. When you start walking you start moving energy through your body and getting rid of those thoughts that keep us from receiving inspiration. So get those feet moving and clear out the garbage that keeps you clogged up.

3. Nature nutures. Nature is such a natural healer and can be a great source of inspiration for you. Walk in it, touch it, listen to it. You can't help but be inspired by all the sights and sounds. Explore it by going into your own backyard and actually experiencing nature. Go to the park or take a long hike. It is all around you even in the cities. In the cities there is the sky, the breeze, flowers, parks, that you can experience. Oh! Don't forget the animals too. They have so much to teach us.

4.Write it out. So often the reason for your lack of inspiration is because your energy is just blocked and needs a little priming to set it loose. Much like an old water pump that had to be primed by pumping and pumping. Finally water would flow through. Writing can serve the same purpose. Take out a notebook and just write. Doesn't have to make sense. Don't plan what you are about to write but just start writing words and the first things that come to mind. If only one word or phrase comes to mind then write that over and over until more words come. I promise you they will. Write and when you think you are finished, write some more. This will loosen that inspirational energy within you and inspiration will then begin to flow.

Try these 4 things when you feel you have no inspiration and watch the inspiration show up in your work, whatever it might be.


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
21st Sep 2013 (#)

Excellent x 4!
Although you have written more than 4 methods within the article. : ) I like the way you think and process.

Thank you for being informative. Getting away from the computer is a hard one, however, I have found that if I do not at least write out summaries, hyperlink info or notes on my research for an existing piece, I get side-tracked with additional information/inspiration for an unwritten piece. Then there is just too much information.

Time for the walk. ~Marilyn

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author avatar sukkran
21st Sep 2013 (#)

thanks for the 4 valuable suggestions. for me it is time for break. good read annette.

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author avatar Annette B.
21st Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you Marilyn and Sukkran.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Sep 2013 (#)

Nice post as well informative! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and healthy ideas

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author avatar Annette B.
23rd Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you for giving me feedback. It always helps me.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
16th Sep 2014 (#)

www dot coma -- wonderful phrase!! I am guilty of this!

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