4 killed foods "romping"

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Your libido can be killed if you frequently use the following foods. stay away from them if you want "sex" is balanced okay.

The energy drink

Despite being more preferred, but energy drinks easy to make your bloating, discomfort, affecting about "love". Besides, in the tonic water contains quinine components will reduce the hormone testosterone and reduced sperm count, not suitable for those who want to have children.

Oily food

French fries and greasy foods containing a lot of saturated fat and trans fat harmful to the cardiovascular system. The type of fat obstructing blood flow due to fat sticking to artery walls and lead to atherosclerosis. Therefore, blood flow affected and that you decrease libido.

Beef steak

Although meats provide zinc and protein for your body, you should note that they also contain a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol. A diet too much meat can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Once the circulatory system be affected, your physiological function will also be significantly affected.

Alcoholic beverages

A glass of wine can make you feel comfortable and relaxed during dating. However, alcohol can adversely affect your sex life. Alcoholic beverages will not only reduce libido and sexual pleasure but also can make you lose control and lead to unsafe decisions in the relationship.

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