4 psychological blockages we must put end to

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Each of us carries a buggage from the past, which is packed with our life stories, emotions, beliefs...

Too much attachment

According to Buddhist philosophy, the attachment is the root of all our problems. Attaching to things, even banal, most of the time can't prevent a given matter. So, it's nice to think about the things that you are attached to, keeping in mind that each string can be unrevealed and set us free.

Negative Thoughts

Pessimistic thoughts and negative attitudes you keep away from all the beautiful things in your life and are your biggest obstacle. Thoughts have a great impact on the world around us, try to avoid these negative thought patterns. Realistic view of the world is always better in the long run, although if an individual is facing depression, positive thinking and optimistic attitude toward life can be really helpful.

Too Much Worries

Thoughts full of worries arising as a result of the unknown future. There is no need to be overly focused on what could happen, especially if you have no hard facts in the present. If one worry flies into your head, be sure there be plenty more coming, worry about the primal worry, about the next worry and so on. The endless train of worries. The mind can be "deadly" if not controlled, try controlling it. Be present.

Bad Habits

Habits are behavior patterns we do over and over again, and they can stop us in doing some useful work. For example, watching too much TV, smoking, too much coffee. You have to be really determined, in order to get rid of them. But, there are some hacks that can help you at the beginning. Eat an apple, when your nicotine need kicks in, take a walk or get physical exercise is much better option than to sit endlessly in front of your TV or PC.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
4th Apr 2015 (#)

That sounds like the way Satan fury used to right. Pointing everyone was wrong in anger and destroying them. I was one of her victims twice.
None the less that is her satanic ritual but truth is negativity and positivity need a balance to be who you are. Attachments are not bad but to the wrong people it is.
Well prioritising is the hint to calming stress anxiety and you end up with no worries. But you learn more in stressful situations although excessive of it is impairing.
Bad habits to me is anything in excess and that includes company you keep and trauma you cause.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
6th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your article. I think that life is what we make of it. It is really our choice. Smiles to you!

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
11th Apr 2015 (#)

Good information shared.

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