5 Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

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Belly fat affect your general outlook and you wouldn't want to keep a fat belly. In this article you get top 5 best exercises that will keep belly fat off fast.


The issue of belly fat is rampant especially among men and when men has belly fat or abdominal fat, they lose shape and they no longer look fit and sexy. It is to remove belly fat that the six pack abs came to place. There are many ways that has been opined and suggested by many expert about ways to lose belly fat and I don't think my own advise would be too many for anyone to brush aside.

Let me give you the common misconception that has gone round about losing abdominal fat. Many have been told to go on alow calorie diet and that they did. But as time goes and tghey see no definite change in their belly fat,the urge to go back to their formal diet set in and when they do, they tend to eat even more than they do before because of the starvation they had gone through. They also end up eating a lot of junk foods they didn't eat as much even before going on the low calorie diet.

For some, they think that if the eat food will lesser amount of calories, they will lose weight.This is based on the belief that if you eat more calories than your body can burn,you gain weight, so it is best they eat low amount of calorie the body can burn and used up.You need to knwo that this is partly true.It is not just about the amount of calorie you take that determine how much of weight you gain or lose.

The human body is made in such a way that there is lean mass of muscle lying under every fat in our body.It is lean muscle mass that makes calories burn non stop so that even when you eat much calorie giving food,you will not gain weight.

The Need for Exercise

If you plan or go about losing weight without exercising, the risk is that you lose lean body mass.This will slow down the metabolic rate of the body and put the body in fat storing mode.If you lose body fat and muscle mass at the same time,what happen is that the muscle mass you once have will be gone and when you overeat a little bit,the tend to gain more fat easily.

Top Exercises For Belly Fat Loss

Below are top 5 best exercises that experts has suggested would help lose belly fat.

1. The Bicycle Exercise - best for targeting the six pack muscles and the obliques. To do this exercise, get into a supine position with hands at the back of your head. Bring knees to the chest while lifting shoulders off the floor. Slowly bring your right elbow towards your left knee as you straighten your right leg. Switch sides and continue in a pedaling motion. Do 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 repetitions.

2. The Captain's Chair Leg Raise - This exercise requires a captain's chair, a rack with padded arms allowing for the legs to hang free that is commonly found in gyms or health clubs. To do this exercise, stand on the chair and grip hand holds. Press back against the pad then raise knees to the chest to contract the abs then lower them back down. Do 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 repetitions.

3. Exercise Ball Crunch - For this exercise, an exercise ball is necessary. In this routine, the abdomen does more exerting but will still need the entire body to stabilize it throughout the routine. To do this exercise, lie on the ball with your lower back fully supported. Place hands behind the head. To lift the torso off the ball, contract the abs to pull the bottom of the rib cage towards the hips. Keep ball stable as you curl up, then lower back down to stretch the abs. Do 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 repetitions.

4. Vertical Leg Crunch - Performing this exercise is similar to doing a leg crunch except that the legs are straight up, forcing the abs to work and adding intensity to the routine. To do this, lie on the floor with the legs straight up, knees crossed, and place the hands beneath the head for support. Contract abs lifting the shoulders off the floor and keep legs in a fixed position to crunch. Do 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 repetitions.

5. Long Arm Crunch - This is a variant of the traditional floor crunch where the arms are held straight behind you, adding a lever to the move and making for a challenging exercise. To do this, lie on the floor or a mat then extend arms straight behind, keeping them clasped and next to the ears. Slowly contract abs and lift shoulders off the floor carefully to keep the arms straight. Do 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 repetitions.


Even though there is no sure fire way to lose belly fat,the best thing is for you to go on a healthy diet and do at least an hour exercise everyday.I will advise you do exercises that you can catch fun with and if any of these exercise given above is too difficult for you, you can take a hike,swimming or biking could just be good to burn fat and tone muscles.


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