5 Expert Makeup Tips

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Here are some useful makeup tips that will solve your beauty problems.

5 Great Makeup Tips

Tip #1 How to make eyeliner last all day.

To prevent your eyeliner from dissolving in the creases, apply a layer of foundation before applying the eyeliner. On top of this a brush of dark eye shadow and then a liquid Kohl. This makes for an intense, dramatized look as well long lasting eye makeup.

Tip #2 What to do when you have applied too much lipstick.

You’re all ready to go, but you feel like you’ve overdone it with your lipstick.

Too much lipstick can make you look, well, not like a movie star but rather like a joker. When this happens, don’t attempt to rub it off with tissue or cotton, because this can leave the lips dry and not very receptive to another application of lipstick. What you want to do is apply moisturizer to your lips, leave it for a couple of minutes and blot it off. Then apply a more neutral shade.

Tip #3 Minimize a prominate nose.

Many of us have nose problems. When it’s either too big or too long here are a couple of things you can do :

Create nose-shrinking shadows. Even if you don’t use any other makeup, apply some blush in the middle of your forehead. If your nose shines out then use a concealer, slightly darker than your skin tone, on it. Some experts suggest that you use the concealer on skin just outside your nose. Try both and see which suits you best.

Tip #4 How to conceal blemishes.

Blemishes like acne scars, pigmented (dark) patches, pits in the skin or dark under-eye patches can be concealed with make-up (use concealers that are available in stick, cake and cream options). Here's how:

To hide acne pits, apply cream or cake-type concealer into the pits, using a fine brush. The concealer should be one shade lighter than the foundation.

To hide dark patches, use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the foundation. After concealing, apply normal foundation all over the face and neck.

Tip #5 To conceal dark under-eye circles, it is best to use a foundation and conceal it with a light-toned concealer.

Dilute the concealer with a drop of water before applying. Apply concealer with your ring finger lightly in the areas that are dark. Heavy use of concealers can show up lines and wrinkles, so go easy.

Or you can use two foundations. Foundation is a little bit lighter in weight. To do this you will need two shades of foundation. One should be close to your skin tone and the other a shade or two lighter. Use the lighter-colored one for concealing.


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