5 Foods Hunger Prevention

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Did you really easy to feel hungry? Find out this 5 healthy food that can make you stop getting hungry all the time.

5 Foods Hunger Prevention

Ever feel hungry at all time? Maybe you should try this food for your healthy diet

1. Fruits
Everyone knows if fruits is so good for healthy diet, why? It's because fruit have so much of minerals and proteins inside, and of course there's no bad fat in fruits, you can eat any kinds of fruits to prevent hungry, but there's some fruits you better consume to prevent hungry: apples, bananas, peanuts, oranges. why? Because this fruits have more fibers and natural sugars.

2. Milk
Milk can hold your hungry, because milk have so much fibers and proteins, with a miraculous ways, milk will make you not feeling hungry anymore, but be careful to choose what milk you should drinks, it's better to choose milk that have a low fat but high calcium.

3. Wheat Bread
Yes, if you think wheat bread can make you stop feeling hungry at all time, you are right! Wheat bread can hold your hungry almost 12 hours, why? Because Wheat bread have so much fiber and wheat bread need a long time to be digested.

4. Vegetables
If you have a long activity after breakfast that won't let you eat anything, you should eat much vegetables at your breakfast, because vegetables can hold your hungry almost for 6 hours, but remember, in vegetables such as mustard can make you filled with air.

5. Yoghurt
Yoghurt is a food that made from milks, it's have much proteins and fibers, also make you not feeling hungry anymore for at least 6 hours.

Have a try!

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