5 Foods that Can Kill You

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Did you ever realize how deadly the foods that you eat? Some of them maybe looks health but it also can be deadly

5 Foods that Can Kill You

What are you eat today? Do it's healty or it's including this one??

1. Junk Food
ex. Hamburger, Hotdog, etc. It can kill you slowly with diabetes, not just high of calorie, but also high fat. Not just that, a meat that processed by machine will lost their good nutrion, so, you can't find any a good nutrition inside this food.

2. Cheese
Sometimes we think that cheese is good for us, that's almost true! But you must know the worst things about this food, some of them are increase your blood preasure, you will feel your stomach burn and hyperakiditas.

3. Milk
Just like cheese, milk seems so healty for us, the different is, the milk is really healty for us, but it's become deadly when you have a less move, because milk have so much calorie and butterfat that can kill you slowly. But if you really want to drink a milk, you better find a milk that have a less butterfat.

4. Soda
Soda has a many things that can hurt your body with nothing good inside, all the bad things in soda is such as fruktosa, glukosa, sodium, and calorie. Too much soda can wreck your heart, and make your body become acid, the best place for cancer to grow.

5. Candy
It's seems so delicious and simple, but did you ever realize how deadly is candy? Besides have a bad fat and too much calorie, candy also can increase your blood preasure, give you a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood. Too much candy also can harm your teeths.


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author avatar Retired
10th Apr 2014 (#)

xixixixiiixiii ...
semoga kaga ketauan sama momod n mimin disini y omz,
kite borong banda web nye ...
1 negare 1 bhsa jangan saling gnggu ...

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Nicely put in the deadly order!

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author avatar Andita Kaaro
17th Apr 2014 (#)

you better doesn't eat that if you want a longer life :)

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