5 Minutes Workout Routine in Office

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Is it possible to have workout done with good results in just 5 minutes? The answer is YES. Keep reading, and start to invest 5 minutes every day to realize a great mood and health improvement.

Five Minutes Office Workout Routine

Known by many, taking time to exercise body is important, but sad to say, it is not an easy job to keep up the effort to squeezing time out of your busy schedule to go to gym on a daily base. In fact, workout routine can happen anywhere and in any form. You don’t really have to find fitness in gym, instead that spending 5 minutes around your office desk can also make you feel a whole lot of difference to improving your mood and health level.

Step 1
Chair squat--- Implied by name, this movement is done with chair. While sitting, lift up body just to the point where your hips are hovering over the chair. You may reach out arms for balance. Maintain the position until your laps are sore. Repeat it again after a quick relief of sitting back down. Do it daily for one minute or so will not only give you a pair of great looking legs, but also benefit your knees.

Step 2
Lift--- Push your weight up against gravity by arms while sitting. For sake of safety, you will need non-wheel bolt chair to go along with this step of workout. Work on this push-up singles for another one minute, then, you are ready to move on to the next upper body exercise.

Step 3
Twist—Place your hands on the back of head. Twist your torso alternatively from one side to another. Continuously doing it for 1 minute without break can rate up your heartbeat, warm up blood circulation, and relieve the tense on your back caused by long hours of sitting. For variation, you may also add alternative leg-lifting to rhythm up with each twist movement. Ensured to reach your elbow to the knee at the opposite body side, you are receiving aerobics results after another minute of keeping up.

Step 4
Stretching—Stretch up your arms and entire torso for several times. Take a deep breath when you are stretching up. Hold breath while your upper body is extending to its limit. Exhale while releasing effort. Try it for about 1 minute again. You will feel deeply refreshed after it’s done for it wraps up the entire workout routine.

Your effort and time spent to fit in fitness will yield greatly in health. All together, these steps above, easy and convenient, require only 5 minutes, so if time is thin, this office fitness routine is perfect for you. Most likely, the refresh-ness gained from these workout movements will boost your creativity and productivity at work as well.


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A well written and interesting post, kudos!

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