5 Movement for Flatten Stomach.

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5 Movement for Flatten Stomach. To focus the abdomen, do two sets (12 times) for each movement. You also can combine it with other exercises.

5 Movement for Flatten Stomach

5 Movement for Flatten Stomach

I. To shrink the waist
1. Lie down with your right ankle over left knee, left hand behind his head and his right hand on the floor.
2. Lift up the left scapula, and shoulder toward your right knee. Then come back to a lying position.
3. Repeat the set for this side, then switch to the other side and do the same.

II. Flatten your belly
1. Lie on the floor, place your left heel at the top of the fingers of the right foot. Support the neck with his left hand and lift the dumbbell (dumbbell) to the top with the right hand.
2. Lift the shoulder until you feel the lower abdomen work. Let the shoulders lifted for one second and return to starting position. It is a movement.

III. Reduce the fat on the side of the waist (love handles) and a streamlined waist
1. Lie on the floor at an angle to the right, feet extended, toes pointing forward. Press buttocks toward the bottom and pull the navel towards the spine.
2. Support the head on the hand. Put your left hand on the floor in front of you.
3. Straighten your left leg and lift the body until it is parallel with the oblique muscle was tightened. Hold for a few seconds, then lower.

IV. Core exercises for the whole body
1. Breathe deeply for this Pilates style movements. Lie down with your knees bent, feet hip-width apart. Exhale, while pressing the abdomen to the spine by lifting one leg one by one until your knees are bent 90 degrees above the hips.
2. Exhale and lift your head and shoulders up, with the right hand touches the left knee. Rates breath to straighten and lower left leg away from you.
3. Switch to the other leg.

V. Tighten your middle abdomen
1. Sit upright with legs and arms stretched forward.
2. Lay the upper body backward slowly, one spine down one by one, until the body reaches the floor and hands on the floor on top of the head.
3. Exhale and return to a sitting position.


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