5 Quick Ways to Implement Coconut Oil in Your Diet

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Coconut oil is taking over!

This amazing oil is proving to be the heavy-weight champion as it smashes fat myths everywhere! Due to it's lower fat to gram ratio, it enters the fray offering fewer calories than most other available fats. It knocks those fats out of the ring by heading straight to the liver instead of travelling around the blood stream in neat and tidy little fat packets. This amazing oil pins other fats down for the count by speeding up your body's metabolic rate, thus helping you burn more calories faster. All these benefits are available from any brand that sells cold-pressed coconut oil. Other processing methods may reduce the effectiveness of these claims.

With a cursory understanding the above benefits, what are some of the ways coconut oil can make it into your typical daily cooking habits?


Tablespoon in a smoothie:
What do you have for breakfast in the morning? Are you a bagel and coffee person? Do you like your cereal? What about eggs and bacon for breakfast (see the next point for this one)? Do you have a smoothie for breakfast?

If you drink, or in my case, eat smoothies for breakfast (mine are too thick to say I “drink” them), then adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to your smoothie ingredients will aid in boosting your morning routine. Breakfast is important because it jump starts your body's metabolism. Adding coconut oil to your breakfast routine will help immensely. Some sources say coconut oil will give more of a boost than protein does for those of us who are hypoglycemic. It's an interesting thought for sure.

Replacing cooking oil in the frying pan
So you said you eat eggs and bacon for breakfast in the morning. While high in protein, this breakfast often gets decried for it's high fat content. We'll blame the bacon for that, because you can replace the canola oil or margarine in your frying pan, with coconut oil instead. Not only will your eggs benefit from the oil to help it keep from sticking to the pan, but you will benefit because the oil used won't pack onto your hips. It might even help you reduce the size of those hips over time.


Replace cooking oil or PAM any time you bring out your frying pan or cookie sheets. Whether it's pan-frying your favourite steak, or preparing a cookie sheet for the next pizza you are putting in the oven, covering your cooking surfaces in coconut oil will replace the more unhealthy fats and aid in your body utilizing the foods you cook.

Replacing margarine or cooking oil in pasta pots
Do you eat a lot of pasta in your home? Are you following the directions that say to add a certain amount of margarine or canola oil to the water to keep the noodles from sticking to each other? How about replacing that oil in the pot with coconut oil instead? Not only will your noodles benefit by not sticking to each other, but you'll benefit by reducing the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet. Sometimes margarine or canola oil is stirred into the noodles after they drain, to keep them from sticking together while the cook makes final preparations elsewhere around the kitchen. Stir in a bit of coconut oil instead.

Snacks and Baking

Replacing canola oil in baking
Thanksgiving is coming and come to think of it, so is Christmas. This means the baking is going to start up again fast and furious as preparations are made for these two major festivities in coming months. On top of that, many parents bake their own treats to put in their children's lunch boxes for school. Most recipes you will encounter in the typical cookbook or online recipe website, call for canola oil or butter, or margarine. Butter is a healthy fat. But if you want to burn more calories, replacing even the butter with coconut oil in your baking recipes will make your baking that much healthier when the time comes to gather around the treat counter.

Everyone is always decrying the Christmas treat counter, “all that fat”, “all that sugar”, “I'll need to go on a diet in January to work it all off”. Now you can tell your guests they are eating tarts and cookies, and pies and cakes made with coconut oil instead! The coconut oil will help you burn off the calories found in the sugar. So give the gift of calorie-burning this year, and bake with coconut oil!

Replacing margarine in oil-based popcorn poppers
Movie night in the home rec room is not complete without that big bowl of popcorn in the middle of the coffee table! While many popcorn poppers are hot-air now, many people miss the smells and flavour of adding butter or margarine to the pan, and are buying the oil-based popcorn poppers instead. If you're one of them, why not cut down the fat intake by replacing the butter, margarine or canola oil, with coconut oil instead? Your kitchen will fill with the smell of the oil and you'll suddenly feel as if you are there in the movie theatre popcorn line waiting for your turn at the counter. . . right there in your own home.


Once you get used to replacing your cooking fats in suggestions such as these, it's only a matter of time before cold-pressed coconut oil becomes a staple in your home. Bodies will get healthier and more energetic. Your lactose-intolerant friends will love you, and so will those with irritated guts for any reason. Your local health food store may have even more cooking solution suggestions for you to take home and try. There are non-cooking uses the oil can be put to as well that could transform life all over your home. So the next time you are tempted to reach for the jug of canola oil, remember the coconut oil instead. Seriously, your health will thank you!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Oct 2013 (#)

When I was young I was used to coconut oil but later people got carried away with few lobbies saying coconut oil was unhealthy. Some switched to palm oil and canola oil but a reawakening has already come in favor of coconut oil. Thanks for this share, Marilynn - siva

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