5 Simple steps to getting your 30 minutes of exercise.

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A quick look at ways to get exercise into your daily routine. You don't have to spend excessive amounts of money on gym memberships or equipment to get the daily recommended half an hour of exercise.


Never underestimate the power of walking. We are now in a culture where everyone that can, will jump in their car for the quick 5 minute trip round to the local shop. If everyone left the car at home and simply walked it would contribute to your exercise for the day. Here are some simple tips for walking that will get your heart rate up and feeling more lively.

1. Walk up the escalators at the train station.
2. Slowly increase the pace at which you walk. (I'm not saying speed walking, move within your comfort zone.)
3. When out on your own, music can be great at picking up the pace, simply choose a song that has a good beat and walk to it.
4. Make several trips up the stairs rather than waiting for things to pile up.
5. Take the dog for a longer walk, gradually increasing it. Your pet will thank you and so will your heart.


As with walking, never underestimate the power of housework. Here are some tips for keeping fit whilst doing the housework.

1. Run the hoover round each day. The repetitive movement equates to a good cardio work out.
2. Cleaning the windows burns off a surprising amount of calories and helps raise your heart beat.
3. Beating out rugs - a little out-dated but still good for you. Hang a rug over the washing line and use a garden cane to beat the dust out.
4. Hanging the washing out. Place the basket slightly away from you and lunge to get the washing rather than just bending down.
5. Clean the floors with a brush/cloth instead of a mop. You use more energy scrubbing than mopping.


1. Mowing the lawn - is good as it gets all parts of your body moving.
2. Digging - helps improve strength.
3. Chopping wood - gets the heart beat going and gives you wood for the fire!

Not definitive

This is by no means a definitive list of things that can help you get that 30 mins of exercise a day but it will certainly help on the way! Never underestimate your daily routine, it is packed of ways to get exercise, you may just need to work a little harder at it.

I'm not aiming to get the world slim and svelte as that won't happen but some simple tips around the daily routine can help increase your heart rate and keep you healthy for longer. If you feel as though you are over-doing it, calm down and always have a warm-down period after an exercise. Most of all, have fun! Exercise shouldn't be a chore, it should be something that fits in around your lifestyle.

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