5 Tips to Loose weight

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Tips to loose weight, given the fact that you follow at least 10 to 15 of these steps you are most likely to lose weight. It might take some time though but continuity is what really matters.

Obesity (A serious problem)

One out of five people are either in a state of Obesity or gaining weight at an alarming rate. The term obesity is defined as the state of being grossly fat or over weight. Try to be serious when your clothes starts feeling tight to your body. Belly fat also known as Visceral fat is seriously harmful and if not controlled in time might lead to a state of obesity beyond control. What really takes one to the state of Obesity. It can be your eating habits, stress factor or not a scheduled exercise routine. Loosing fat from your belly is very difficult but here are few scientifically proven ways which can eventually work for you and help you loose fat from your fatty stomach.

1. Don't drink too much alocohol
Some people might argue that alcohol does have some health benefits to which I won't disagree but drinking too much of alcohol can result in increasing your belly fat. In a recent research it has been discovered that more than 30 percent of obesity cases were recorded due to over consumption of alcohol. If you can't quit make sure you keep a check on it and you can be rest assured of a positive result soon.

2. Say No to foods that contain Trans fat
Trans fat like those found in Soybean oil and packaged foods are created by pumping hydrogen in to unsaturated fats. Consumption of foods containing Trans fat can result in serious heart diseases, gaining abdominal fats and it can also be linked to insulin resistance which should raise an alarm for patients with high level of sugar levels. You can replace Trans fat with monounsaturated fat.

3. Add high level protein to your daily diet
It has been scientifically proven that protein can prove to be major factor in weight control. So add food reach in proteins like fresh meat, fish and dairy products as well as whey proteins as it contains incredible range of essential amino acids which are absorbed quickly by our digestive system.

4.Stay away from foods that contain high level of sugar
As we all know sugar contains fructose which has been linked to many chronic diseases which includes obesity, fatty liver as well as heart disease and not to forget that over consumption of fructose has been proven to be more than dangerous to type 2 diabetes patients.

5. Do regular exercise or Aerobics
Doing regular exercise or aerobics or just walking few miles a days can help reduce uninvited belly fats and stay away from obesity. It is often said that walking 1000 steps a keeps all the fats away.

6. Add hot lemon juice as a beverage to your daily diet
Yes it works and I am a living example of this. Do lite exercise or walk few miles in trade mills and when your body get heated up have a cup of hot lemon juice and don't forget to add one spoon of honey to it as honey has the antioxidant qualities which will help you cut the unnecessary belly fats.

That's all it takes to stay fit and stay away from obesity and live a healthier life after all health is wealth.


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