5 Unorthodox Exercises That Give You the Best Result You Desire

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Apart from the same conventional physical efforts, these five unorthodox exercises will make you back to the pleasure of life and help you build an amazing physique that you have cherished forever. So, why late? Just click and reveal the mystery!

Exercises That Give You the Best Result You Desire

Daily walk for an hour. Walking is a good exercise
The same conventional saying! This very typical maxim cannot suit your life style. Be it walking or running, how much time do you get apart from your everyday rush and race? It is likely to be impractical to have a walking or running due to a number of factors; busy time schedule, unwelcome weather, and unavailability of a suitable location. In addition, the identical traditional efforts for a long time may result in an unwillingness to carry out exercise.
Here I interpret five Avant-garde exercises that not only suit your circumstances but also offer you excitement and pleasure.

Kick Boxing

Zumba, another name of Kick Boxing is on top in the list of modern and popular gymnastics. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor or even it can be performed in a group so that any reluctance comes down here. Specialists say that Kick Boxing or Zumba cuts 700 calories per hour.

There are many moves associated with Kick Boxing. You will require different stances depending on your movements. Firstly, put your feet in right position. Bend your knees slightly. Make sure that your hands are up at your chin height. Position your right hand more to the side of face and at the same time, keep your left hand more forward in front of your head or do vice-versa if you are a left handed. Use your elbow to block kicks and punches to the side of the body. Position your chin down over your left shoulder to avoid getting a hook to the chin.
Relax and breathe, when you are launching throwing your punches. While punching, bring your hands back to the block position and use your elbow to protect any kick if you are in a rib cage area. Initially, you can practice these basic moves:

Right, left, right punches
Left, right, left punches
Right, right, left punches and jabs
Left, left, rightt punches and jabs
Repeat these movements with many more different moves to get faster.


Cycling can be either indoor or outdoor exercise. An hour of cycling on a cycling machine at home needs approximately 200 times of peddling that cut up to 952 calories. On the contrary, outdoor cycling benefits you in two fronts. It cuts 680 calories in one hour and increases your concentration.

Be you an aged or grown-up, athletic or sedentary; there are needs to improve your performance, comfort, and safety. Make sure you wear a helmet and a comfortable dress that fit best. Picking a comfortable seat and perfect frame will give a smooth start. You should avoid cycling in low light condition. While cycling, you need to have a good road sense and prudent traffic savvy. Moreover, you must have a good control of your break. Note that if you are climbing a hill, peddle lightly but constantly so that lactic acid in your muscles cannot contribute to muscle soreness. And of course, change your position frequently. It changes the back, neck, and hands to put stress and pressure on different nerves.


Swimming is not only an excellent exercise but also develops many skills. It both loses your weight and ensures you a psychological pleasure. American College of Sports Medicine reports in one of its studies that how much calories swimming can cut in one hour depending on the manner of swimming. The study shows the following table.

Weight Time Slow Speedy
130 1 Hour 413 590
155 1 Hour 493 704
180 1 Hour 572 517
205 1 Hour 651 913

For the novice ones, it is necessary to learn some fundamental techniques. Firstly, Make sure that you get comfort in the water. Avoid dangerous water depth and try to swim with somebody else. Secondly, Get yourself used to floating and make exhaling underwater practice. Practice kicking legs and basic crawls like back stroke or front stroke. And finally, get used to striding water and using arms to come up from the bottom.

Once you master these fundamental techniques, you can practice some advanced strokes such as dolphin stroke, butterfly stroke, sidestroke etc.

Rope Jumping

‘What workout should I do?’ The best answer to this question is Rope Jumping. Don’t you have a gym or any equipment available to you? No matter. Rope Jumping burns 10 calories per minute of rope jumping session and builds muscles, burns fats and sculpts your desired physique.

Rope Jumping benefits your effective cardio system. It will make you energized after every Rope Jumping session. When you are on the go, you can toss your rope in your journey. You can add Rope Jumping in your existing strength routine or for the sake of your cardio workout.

While starting Rope Jumping, make sure that you choose a durable beaded or plastic rope that whips around faster. Measure your rope in accordance with your height. Now, stand on the middle of the rope and extend the handles to your armpits. You must prepare your lower body for the impacts of jumping. Therefore, try it on a rubber or somewhat smooth surface. Hold your rope at hip height and bend your elbows. Make your chest out and shoulder back and down. Gradually make small jumps and fall on the balls of the feet.


They work all of the bigger muscles in the lower part of the body, making them incredibly efficient and effective at both building muscles and burning calories,” Says Jacquelyn Brennan, the trainer and co-founder of ‘Mindfuel Wellness’ in Chicago. Squats are as similar as the LBD of your workout and they can make your physique look amazing. There are several types of squats. Body-Weight Squats, Body-Weight Jump Squats, Pistol Squats, Wide-Stance Barbell Squats, for instances. The simplest among them is Body-Weight Squats.

Are thinking about how you should do this? Let’s start!

Stand tall with your feet spread shoulder –width apart. Now, shove your hips back and turn your knees as it makes like a curve to lower your body toward the floor. Try to keep your chest up and your knees behind your toes. Then, gradually push back up using your heels to come back to begin.


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author avatar Chhowa
27th Aug 2017 (#)

Awesome piece of advice! These exercises will really work. At the same time it needs to take a nutritious food habit to maintain these efforts. I read another article of this author about a perfect food habit here: https://beautynskincares.blogspot.com/2017/04/how-to-make-good-food-habit-for-your-skin.html

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author avatar Tuhinn Arnab
29th Aug 2017 (#)

Thanks for your appreciation. I will try to write more precious pieces of 'How to do ...'

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author avatar Kevin
31st Aug 2017 (#)

No doubt, any types of exercise is important. But the five depicted here are of most useful and easy to practice. Thanks.

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author avatar Tuhinn Arnab
28th Sep 2017 (#)

Thanks Kevin!

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15th Oct 2017 (#)


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