50 Snacks Under 50 Calories

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Eating low calorie, healthy snacks between meals keeps up your energy level and prevents binge eating.

Healthy Between Meal Snacks

Between-meal snacks are actually good for you, even when you are trying to lose weight, when the snacks are healthy and low in calories like these 50 snacks under 50 calories. Between meal snacks will keep up your energy level and keep hunger at bay so you won't over-indulge at your next meal. So snack away by grabbing one of these 50 snacks for under 50 calories.

50-Calorie Snacks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

To keep from loading up on calories to satisfy you sweet tooth, try one of these sweet snacks.

•Bake 1/2 of an apple and top with 1 tablespoon of low fat yogurt and sprinkle with cinnamon.
•4 ounces of unsweetened applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon
•1 mini box of raisins
•12 fresh cherries
•14 red grapes, fresh or frozen
•1/2 banana, fresh or frozen
•1/2 cup strawberries with 2 tablespoons of low fat yogurt
•1 sugar-free fudge pop
•2 sugar-free ice pops
•1 cup (individual serving size) of sugar-free Jello with 3 tablespoons of Cool Whip Lite
•1 cup of melon
•1/2 small grapefruit topped with artificial sweetener

Satisfy Salty Snack Craving With These Under 50 Calorie Choices

•For those times when something salty tasty is the only thing that will satisfy, try one of these snacks
1 1/2 cups of salted, air-popped popcorn
•1 pretzel rod
•1/4 cup of shelled edamame sprinkled with sea salt
•1/4 of a small bag of salted soy chips
•8 ounces of miso soup
•6 ounces of V-8 juice
•1 kosher dill pickle
•1 cucumber sliced and salted
•Mix 1/4 cup diced onion, 1/2 cup of diced celery, dice one small cucumber and top the mix with vinegar and salt

Need A Crunchy Low Calorie Snack? Try One Of These

Sometimes the food just has to make a crunch if it's going to please the appetite. When the need to crunch rolls around, try one of these snacks.

•1 small celery stalk smeared with 1/2 teaspoon of natural peanut butter
•1 1/2 cup of sugar snap peas
•1/2 cup of carrots with 1 tablespoon of lite ranch dressing
•1 brown rice cake topped with 1 tablespoon of sugar-free jam or jelly
•1/2 apple smeared with 1 teaspoon of soy butter
•1/2 cup of sliced jicama (Mexican turnip) with 4 ounces of salsa

Creamy And Smooth 50 Calorie Snack Choices

When you need the comfort of creamy and smooth foods, try one of these snacks.

•1 tablespoon of creamy, flavored cheese spread on cucumber slices
•1 teaspoon of almond butter
•1/2 cup fat-free yogurt topped with sugar-free jam
•1 medium avocado slice
•8 grape tomatoes or 2 tomato slices dipped in 1 tablespoon of low fat cream cheese
•1/3 cup of blueberries topped with 1 tablespoon of lite sour cream

Satisfy Cheese Cravings With These 50 Calorie Snack Options

Cheese is not on the no-no list for dieters, as long as it's one of these low-cal offerings.

•1 slice of fat-free American cheese
•1 sliced tomato sliced and topped with 1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese, broil or eat as-is
•6 endive leaves filled with 1/2 ounce of fat-free feta cheese
•2 ounces of fat-free cottage cheese
•1 ounce of fat-free mozzarella cheese dipped in 1 teaspoon of marinara sauce

50 Calorie Protein Snacks

Protein is a must to keep your energy level up and one of these 50 calorie offerings will keep you going between meals.

•2 slices of white meat turkey rolled up inside 2 lettuce leaves
•1 ounce of cooked salmon on 2 whole wheat crackers
•1 ounce of water packed tuna mixed with 1 teaspoon of mustard
•2 hard boiled egg whites and 1 sliced cucumber
•1/2 cup of fat-free yogurt topped with sunflower seeds
•1 tofu dog topped with shredded cabbage or sauerkraut
•1 slice of whole wheat bread topped with 2 teaspoon of humus
•1 slice of onion topped with medium size sardine from water-packed canned

Snack Thirst Quenchers

When you want a beverage other than water between meals, try one of these low-cal drinks to quench your thirst.

•Homemade iced green tea with artificial sweetener
•1/2 cup skim milk with 1 tablespoon of zero-calorie chocolate flavored syrup
•1 cup of hot chocolate made with 1 packet of sugar-free hot chocolate mix, 1/4 cup of skim milk and 3/4's cup of hot water
•3/4 cup of almond milk
•3/4 cup of seltzer water with 1/4 cup cranberry juice added
Snack guilt-free by choosing from these 50 snack options that are under 50 calories.


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