6 First Night Tips for Women

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The first night after marriage becomes the most precious moments for couples to share the whole love without limits. But sometimes, this is precisely the moment which is quite frightening specter for women.

First Night Tips for Women

Myths about the pain or fear can not give you the satisfaction of making a woman pounding when I want to have sex for the first time.

However, you can get rid of the fear by following the tips in Cosmopolitan pages, Thursday (08/01/2015). Some of these tips can help you to get a satisfying experience when the first night:
1. Do expects Too High

Sex is very useful to know the couple to each other and make each other comfortable body through touch. Remove distress or fear to enjoy the most beautiful night in this life. Remove too, thought that he was more `jago` than you because he might have experienced the same thing with you.

2. Breathing

Take a deep breath to relax your mind of all the bad things about the first night that haunt you for days before getting married.

3. Enjoy When Foreplay

All the things that lead to sex such as touching, kissing, oral sex, and so on, are part of the wonderful experience of the first night.

4. stimulated More Used

If you are already in a state of arousal before having sex then you can reduce the pain caused by friction. Aroused means you have enough lubricated.

5. Do not Expect to Reach Orgasm

Excellent if you reach orgasm at the first night. Therefore, there are many women who reach this point in the first night. Some require a longer time, while the couple can not balance it.

6. Say

Let your partner to know what makes you comfortable or not. In fact, when you do not have an orgasm, do not be ashamed to say it. As such, he will be motivated and try to make you achieve it.
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Maybe more more relevant to an earlier era as women are ahead of men nowadays in all fields! siva

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