6 Myths About Dreams

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These six myths about dreams prove that most people don't understand what happens after they fall asleep. Use them to get an idea of dreams are really about - YOU.


According to Webster's Dictionary, dreams are a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep. The fact that this event occurs while a male or female is not actively conscious lends to the myths about dreams. Common misconceptions about dreams are prevalent in society.

Dream Myths

Dream Myth #1: Dreams have hidden meanings.

Not always. The experts at Dreamsearch.net claim dreams are often 'doodles' taken from daily events. They may or may not symbolize a meaning or an epiphany. Some do, but most often not.

Dream Myth #2: Dreams reveal truths about acquaintances.

Have you ever dreamed about a co-worker, friend or relative? Do not over analyze their behavior. Why? Research indicates that 75% of dreams are about the dreamer, even if an acquaintance is present. This individual is most likely showing you something about yourself.

Dream Myth #3: Nightmares are omens about the future.

On the contrary, a nightmare reflects an internal fear held by the dreamer. Psychologist Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., explains that a nightmare is meant to shake-up the dreamer and cause him or her to take action. This person may need to get therapy or do something else to deal with a fear.

Dream Myth #4: Some men and women don't dream at all.

Scientist believe that ALL humans dream at least 4 to 6 times a night. Why do some people swear they never dream? They have difficulty remembering their dreams. What they dream is either easy to forget or they somehow block out the information.

Dream Myth #5: If you die in a dream, you die in your sleep.

Psychologist Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., explains this belief is untrue. Individuals who dream about death or even die while dreaming do so because of anxieties related to this life event. Death cannot manifest in the body because of a dream.

Dream Myth #6: By nature, dreams are just abstract.

Not really. Dreams are abstract because the way humans think is not linear. Thoughts in the mind of most people are all over the place, even those who think they are logical. As a consequence, dreams play out in an abstract manner similar to the dreamer's thought patterns.


Learn something new? These six myths about dreams reflect the misinformation floating around about this activity. Dreams are not as complicated as you think. So, only purchase that dream book for fun.




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