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Tips to go through a healthy day without too many details!

Starting the day off

Majority of the women rush the whole week from here to there for work, family and house needing them all the time. While all these need care and time we must ask ourselves; do we spare time for ourselves? Most of the answers would be a huge no i bet. Time is golden since you begin each day with a rush and end with it. But what can we really fit in it? Can we spare from that very precious moments and give them to ourselves during the day? Oh yes we can but even for that we need a systematic program we must stick up with. İ will be giving quick and easy tips for a heatlhy day beginning until it ends.

Exercise exercise exercise

İ can repeat this word on and on forever and so would the doctors. İf you can't each day at least over the weekends; move! Jog, run, walk, play tennis, football, basketball.. this list would go on forever but ask yourself what really makes you move constantly without getting bored.Go for the sport type you like or at least run for an hour or so. 3 times a week would be really healthy for your body. After a tiring day of work sports would relax your muscles and be helpful the next day for you to gain 2 times more energy. But hey, İf you are so tired after work or go out feeling bad don't force yourself. Just make a schedule for yourself and stick with it. Time is golden never forget.

Bright morning let's get started!

Morning means breakfast everyone knows that but what if you don't actually have the time for it? Might sound crazy but most people are hardly at work and don't have a single moment to even stop by for something to eat. Women lose a lot of time putting on make-up and exchange the breakfast time to add up to give shape to themselves. Here is a little tip: prepare your breakfast at night on a light paper plate so that you can carry it among with you or take it off from the refrigerator and start eating immediately before work. This way you won't lose time preparing and just use the time to eat it. Be very careful that your plate has the following food in it;
a boiled egg,
tomatoes and other vegetables you like,
olives black and green,
a piece of bread...
and other stuff that you enjoy eating being careful that they are not too oily and unhealthy. Believe me or not this would be much healthier than eating a cup of cereal that is no use to your body! Also don't forget to drink milk or fresh juice whenever you can among with the breakfast.

Lunch? For me it's optional

İf you did have a strong breakfast and by lunch time you don't feel hungry why force yourself to have some food to eat? İt would no be worth it. Most women believe that we must have at least 3 meals each day to boost metabolism but that does not mean that we must force ourselves on full stomachs to eat. Grab an apple or a cup of yougurt if you don't feel hungry for an energy boost. If you do then go for a salad with chicken pieces in it that is very very heatlhy for a daily diet.. Chicken is ofcourse not a must but a salad with many vegetables in them would be wonderful and now you can grab it nearly everywhere.

Don't skip dinner never ever

Yes do not skip dinner but keep in mind that if you have it before 7pm it is the best. Some women cannot have dinner even until 9pm because of their busy schedule. But no matter what time it is do eat something. When i say something i again mean healthy food. Most restaurants recips are full of healthy food that would fit your daily diet. The later the time gets the more vegetable types you must eat. Eating oily food towards the night would cause you to get an uncomfortable sleep lasting all night. Best is to go to bed on an empty or nearly empty stomach for a healthy sleep. Do eat chicken or meat but again not oily. Fish would be the best choice: strong in fatty Omega-3 acids you must eat fish at least 3 times a week. Soup,Fish and lots of salad what more can the body ask for?

Some main health bombs everyone needs.

İ would like to make a list of foods and drinks that your body needs each day and low in calories:
All types of vegetables and fruits,
Especially an apple (an apple a day keeps the doctor away),
yougurt (a cup each day for calcium and youthful looking skin),
chicken, meat and fish,
all types of nuts,
daily supplement of vitamins according to your body needs
lots of water..........and so on. Keep in mind that this would differ for everyone but most of us know the difference between healthy and non-healthy food. Have a great,healthy life....


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Nice share. Thank you Rich red.

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