7 Reasons To Prefer Under-Ripe Bananas

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The green bananas are often underestimated and considered worse than the ripe ones. This article destroys myths about them and observes their numerous useful qualities.

7 Reasons To Prefer Under-Ripe Bananas

Most of the people know that bananas are a wonderful source of carbs and multiple useful microelements. We also love them for their adorable taste and flavor that make them a fine dessert or a component of different dishes. It is considered that the best bananas are ripe, yellow and have brown dots on their skin. They are the sweetest, the softest and the most fragrant – pure joy for your taste sensors!
However, although ripe bananas doubtlessly have better taste qualities, there are reasons to pay attention to those that are not that popular. The greenish bananas are not that sweet and soft but have a number of advantages that make them a more healthy option to choose.

1. Green bananas are proven to contain much more sodium, than the ripe ones. This element plays a significant role in maintaining a proper mineral balance in our organism. In addition, it is important for the muscle work regulation. If a human body experiences lack the sodium, a person can feel headache, fatigue, mood swings and even misbalanced coordination of movements. Sodium also creates in human organism special conditions that are necessary for the better protein absorption. It is an important process in building the muscles and making your body strong and fit.

2. The option considered a drawback – lack of sweetness – is actually an advantage. Green bananas contain less sugar compared to ripe ones. This makes them a healthier food for people of all ages. The less sugar amount is especially useful for the people who struggle for the weight loss. Teenagers who suffer from acne also need this product in their daily menu. Their problems with skin have a hormonal background. Sugar creates additional hormonal fluctuations that contribute to an active appearance of the pimples. In addition, green bananas contain nutritive elements useful for skin that disappear when they are getting ripe.

3. Green bananas help human organism hold more calcium. It is the basic element for the osseous tissue development, keeping the blood pressure normal and providing the proper work of our heart. One green banana a day helps prevent hypertonia, atherosclerosis and many other cardiovascular diseases. This product does not let calcium wash out of the organism with the urine. Considering how much salt contains in the hidden traps of the food industry, this option is very important. The specific fatty acids in green bananas have short chain length. They make the product digest easily and absorb calcium and other nutrients more actively.

4. Green bananas are appointed to people who suffer from a gastric ulcer. Their unique active components cause the calming action over the stomach mucous membrane. They prevent the appearance of the new ulcers and quicken the healing of the old ones. Green bananas in your daily menu boost the production of mucus to protect the lining from the aggressive acidic action.

5. Under-ripe bananas are considered one of the best prebiotic food. They improve the digestion process and help maintain bacterial balance in our gut. The fibers they contain serve as the food for probiotic bacteria. The proper balance helps avoid many digestion problems. In addition, prebiotics are good for our immunity; they prevent the appearance of many diseases including cancer. They ease inflammatory processes and take part in hormonal regulation. According to Dr. Axe, green bananas are in the Top 10 prebiotic food.

6. Good news for slimming people again! Green bananas contain much more resistant starch than the riper ones. This type of starch slows down the process of fat food absorption and is not digested by our organism. Although it helps not to gain weight, be careful and avoid consuming this product in excess. The resistant starch will not be digested and its gatherings will cause bloating. 1-2 fruits a day are quite enough.

7. Green bananas contain a significant amount of the potassium that is necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. It stimulates the oxygen provision of our brain that improves the mental processes. Potassium is an important element for nervous impulse transfer. Also, it is necessary for people who do sports. Not enough potassium concentration in blood makes a sportsman weaker. His muscles will not be able to gain the necessary tonus and his cardiovascular system will be difficult to handle active exercising.

As you can see, green bananas are a source of multiple useful nutrients that are absent in the ripe ones. The reasons mentioned above are more than enough to make a healthier choice. But what to do with that specific taste of under-ripe fruit? Maybe they will not be so pleasant to be eaten raw, but they will become a wonderful component for a smoothie. You can also cook warm desserts with green bananas adding other healthy and tasty components to make them sweeter. It can be carob, stevia, agave juice, maple or Jerusalem artichoke syrup – the choice is quite enough to provide multiple recipes for tasty and healthy green banana dishes.


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