7 Skinny Cooking Tips For Dieters

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A person doesn't need to be a culinary goddess to be able to cook delicious low-calorie meals for weight loss. To be successful at losing weight, a person has to make a lifestyle change. Learning basic cooking techniques for low-fat and reduced calorie meals can give dieters an advantage over those who eat out a lot.

Stocking the fridge

Without a properly-stocked refrigerator and healthful recipes on hand, most dieters make a detour to the nearest fast-food restaurant. Some studies have shown dieters put on all the weight they lost within five years. To lose weight and keep it off, it’s important to know basic cooking techniques for making low-fat and low-calorie meals and treats. Successful dieters don’t starve themselves. They aren’t necessarily culinary goddesses, but they know how to be smart in the kitchen. Diet foods don’t have to taste like diet foods. Creative cooks come up with skinny alternatives to c

Redefining comfort foods

Some people associate food with love. Fried chicken reminds them of their childhood. Instead of frying foods, create new favorites by using cornflakes to give an oven-baked chicken a crunchy crust. Use Greek yogurt to recreate a creamy dressing. It’s easy to improve health without sacrificing comfort foods by getting creative in the kitchen.

Decreasing fat intake

Instead of frying, it’s better to bake, grill or stir-fry using a nonstick pan and only a dab or squirt of olive oil. To prevent sticking, spray or brush a small amount of oil onto food items instead of slathering the pan or gill with oil. Remove excess fat from meat before cooking.

Using half as much

An easy way to cut is by skipping half the bread by making open-face sandwiches. Save calories by buying finely-shredded cheeses. Be careful to use half the amount of cheese as usual. Instead of buying thick-cut luncheon meats, ask for the meats to be shaved. While it’s important to use half as much of the more fattening or dense ingredients, bulk up on the less fattening foods that are high in water content.

Making better substitutions

Another cooking secret for losing weight involves substituting better ingredients such as sprouted grain breads and muffins instead of products using bleached flours. Use reduced-fat mayonnaise, herbs, vinegars and skim milk instead of ingredients high in fat and sugar. Replace high-fructose corn syrup products with a syrup made of real maple syrup, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries cooked on the stove.

Using vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which keeps a person full. Try incorporating fruits and vegetables into everything from egg frittatas to muffins. For example, use peeled and finely grated zucchini in muffin and cake recipes instead of oil or butter. When making eggs Benedict, try substituting large Portobello mushrooms for the muffins. Hallow out tomatoes or green peppers and stuff with tuna mixed with a small amount of low-fat mayonnaise.

Ditching fad diets

Instead of going on fad diets, try making lifestyle changes by cooking light. While some people lose weight more easily by giving up gluten, refined sugars or dairy products, it’s not necessary for every dieter. The key is to restrict calories without compromising taste. By cooking with healthful ingredients such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, it’s simple to create more satisfying meals. Although exercise is another key component for being fit and trim, it shouldn’t overshadow good nutrition.


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