7 Tips to Save Money on Healthcare Cost

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Healthcare cost is rising and expensive. By reducing healthcare cost, you will save more money and save lives too.

Hospital fees and doctor's consultation fees are expensive. Learn to lead a healthy lifestyle and taking precaution steps help us to keep doctors at bay.

Expensive Healthcare Cost

Health care costs are rising sharply recently as many people fall sick easily or contract common health diseases due to unhealthy food indulgence and prolong bad habits.

Health practitioners and professional doctors are short- handed since many students opt for easy to learn subjects rather than pursuing for dreams into professional sectors.

Since the world is deteriorating due to air and water pollution, hazardous chemical dumping into rivers and seas, people are prone to fall sick easily even under the slightest change of weather.

Here are some 4 simple steps to save money on health care cost:

#1- Seek Doctor's Help

Visit your general practitioner or clinic doctor before visiting a specialist for more expensive bills.
Most people are prone to have common sickness such as fever, flu and cough but usually ignore the problem , thinking that it will ward off in a couple of days.
It is better to visit the doctor for antibiotic prescription of get the right medication in order to stop the bacteria from spreading further part of your organs.
By delaying the medical help, you may contract serious disease as the sickness turn into inflammation or form into cyst.

Hence, you have to seek specialist for treatment that will definitely cost you more hefty health care cost.

#2- Request Cheaper medication

If possible, request the less expensive , generic versions of drugs from the doctor.
Some doctors chose stronger medications in order to earn more money.

#3- Get regular checkups

It is wise to go for yearly checkups.
Early detection of medical problems is usually less expensive and less traumatic.
Look out for brochures, fliers and newspaper advertisement for clinic medical checkup offers which could save you some money compare to the usual checkup fees.
Early detection of disease helps you to save cost by eliminating the disease from spreading further and seek for doctor’s advice in order to reduce the chances of recurrence.

Hence, this will cause less traumatic feelings and emotion on yourself and family members.

#4 - Lead a healthy lifestyle

Exercising regularly is vital in order to keep your body fit and strong.
Go for a brisk walk on every morning before work and every evening approximately 20 minutes for each session.
Jogging and playing light sports would beef up your muscles and loosen up your body stress. Defend your body from falling sick easily.

A simple exercising such as :

  • walking up the stairs instead of using the escalators,
  • cycle your bicycle to grocery shop instead of driving the car and
  • doing daily household chores or
  • gardening are sufficient to keep your muscles working and burn those unwanted calories.

#5- Quick Smoking and Alcohol

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption that are definitely bad for your body system.
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health and non smokers who are inhaling the smoke or dust. It is never too late to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
Get help from rehab centres, stay away from your smoker friends and drunkards, discard all the items related cigarettes and alcohol.
You will certainly breakdown in long term run.

#6- Learn to Relax

Learn to manage your stress correctly by practicing yoga, meditation, Pilates which helps you to relax, improve your internal strength and emotional moods.

#7- Be Happy

Get yourself to mix around with happy and funny people.

Jovial friends, comedy tv variety shows and cartoons help to lighten up a patient mood, feelings that benefits his health.
Light exercise and funny events aid in producing good endorphin that makes one happier and healthier.
After all, it doesn’t cost much at all.

#8 - Eat Healthy

Eat well is also vital in leading healthy lifestyle.
Cut down on high cholesterol food, sugary food or beverages and oily food which is fattening.
These will lead to high blood pressure, diabetic and cardiovascular diseases, three most high rank diseases found in the world.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

These are very good tips. Check ups are helpful and preventing it we need to have a healthy lifestyle as you mentioned.

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author avatar peachpurple
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

thanks nerdieeds, better to be careful rather than to regret later

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author avatar Retired
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

Great tips and I especially agree on the regular check ups tip. Prevention is the best therapy)

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author avatar peachpurple
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

thanks mary, true that regular checkups is better to prevent from chronic diseases

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