75 % of the pain is mental, only 25% is physical

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When we are injured, we feel an acute pain. When we are sick, having affection for a longer period of time, we feel a chronic pain. Three quarters of the intensity of the pain we encounter comes from our subconscious mind, and we can diminish it, we can control it.

Acute or chronic pain can be easily handled, lowered in intensity with self-hypnosis

Pain… It hurts! I am in so much pain! How many times we have this feeling of deep discomfort connected to different body areas – from toes to the tip of the head. Well, it is scientifically demonstrated that only 25 % of the paint we feel is the actual physical response due to damaged tissues. The other 75% of the pain feeling is the emotional part – our fear of being sick, the expectation of feeling pain, memories of other times when we felt pain, our prevision of having body damage or abnormal look etc. The actual physical pain, the 25% can be handled very well, even in extreme cases of illness. A lot of times we don’t feel this pain because the injure is still “warm”. Let me give a real example: few weeks ago I was trimming a tree with a chain saw when accidentally the chain saw snapped and the chain “touched” my left hand. The middle finger and the index finger were cut pretty deep and a lot of blood just squirted and it took a while to stop the bleeding. But I haven’t felt the pain for a good two hours. There was some expectation of pain, but I have to play brave in front of my kid: “it is nothing, just a scratch”. After couple hours the cut stat hurting, and the intensity raised slowly, but the pain was manageable. Interesting thing, I slept well that night, haven’t felt the pain. In the morning though it started hurting as soon as I have got out of bed. The pain was so intense I had to take a pain killer. During the day the pulsations in the hand provoked pics and valleys of pain. During the most intense periods of pain I have used a very simple technique to induce relaxation into the body – breathing deeply, exhale slowly. Relaxation and anxiety cannot coexist, and pain produces most of the time anxiety in body and mind. Reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation will affect the pain level to go down to the 25% level or lower.

Self-hypnosis can help managing the pain

A very good technique to use when we feel pain is self-hypnosis, or hetero-hypnosis. The 75% emotional part of the pain comes from our subconscious. Once we communicate with your subconscious mind and we can induce a deep state of relaxation into our body, the 75% of the pain is gone.
Find an area in your home or place at work where you can have about five to ten minutes to yourself. After practicing few times, you may reduce the time to only one or two minutes. You can use a chair, or a couch. It is a good idea to record the script below so you don’t have to activate too much of your conscious mind, you want to relax as much as possible and to open the gate to subconscious mind, so the suggestions can go right in and change the script.

Sit straight in the chair, with your feet flat on the floor, right arm on the right leg, left arm on the left leg. Choose a point of fascination in front of you, somewhere on the wall, or furniture. While focus on this point, notice how your breathing becomes deeper, and that your body needs more oxygen. Breathe deeply and slowly. And your concentration shifts to your mouth, lips and throat becoming a little dryer, and you have a sensation to swallow. This is normal, because you allowed yourself to feel that. And in a moment or so you feel the eye lids becoming heavier, and heavier, and might have a tendency to close, but don’t close them yet. And with every breath, while you focus on that point, the eye lids become heavier and heavier. Now take three deep breaths and exhale slowly, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. Excellent! And on the third exhale, you allow your eyelids to close. Very good! Now you focus on your feet, from the toes to your ankles becoming relaxed, with every breath. And the relaxation moves up to your ankles, calves, knees relaxing totally and completely with every breath you take in. Now focus on your upper legs, from the knees to your thighs, hips, stomach muscles relaxing. If there is any tension remained in your legs, from the tips of the toes to your hips, you let it go now, and become totally relaxed. You direct your focus to your solar plexus, across the chest area, and shoulders relaxing totally and completely. And the relaxation moves to your upper back muscles, to middle and lower back relaxing. And you attention goes to your arms, hands and finger relaxing totally and completely with every breath now. You focus now on your neck muscles, up to your back of your head, on the scalp, eyes, facial muscles, and jaw muscles relaxing totally and completely. With each breath you take in the relaxation embraces your body, and you feel that there is no tension whatsoever. Your are completely relax!. Now I want you to count in your mind from 5 down to zero, and each count prepares you to enter more deeply in hypnotic state…and now 5, 4,3,2,1 and zero…deep sleep!

Now you can give yourself suggestions to be more relax, and to feel less and less pain, in fact you can feel that the pain is gone already. And if you will feel pain again, you can suggest your subconscious mind to move that pain in more manageable areas, like in the right hand pinky.

Before you return to daily life, don’t forget to take yourself out from hypnotic state and into a non-suggestible state by counting from 0,1,2,3, and 5 wide awake.

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