A Easy Technique To Enhance Lean Meats And Seafood

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For many meat lovers, lean cuts are samples of a healthy diet. but sometimes they can seem a little too lean. Without much fat to add flavor and juiciness, meats such as skin less chicken and pork loin can benefit from brining –soaking a flavored saltwater solution.


The easy technique adds a lot of seasoning and moisture with minimal fat. All brines contain a good amount of salt, usually about the one cup per gallon of water. But that doesn’t mean that the meat will taste salty or contribute excessive sodium to your diet.

Salt typically makes up less than 4 percent of the brine and because little of the brine is actually absorbed by the meat, in our recipes on an average the brine contributes only about 300 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Many types of brine contain sugar or another sweetener, such as molasses, maple syrup, or honey. Brines can also be flavored with any number of ingredients (herbs, spices, or aromatics like onions and citrus). Meats that are rich in fat, like beef and some types of fish, don’t benefit from brining but it works wonders on lean meat and seafood.

You can find many flavorful brining recipes for two cut chicken (breast and thighs) online. Plus pork and shrimp too with the added flavor and moisture in these dishes, you don’t need much fat to achieve wonderful results. Which means you can enjoy your fat where you really want it –dessert!

Pan-roasting is also a great way to retain all the moisture that brining adds to the chicken. Look for large, meaty breasts and cut them in half or you can ask the butcher at the store to cut them for you. You can also use smaller pieces of chicken or turkey breast. Good and healthy brining is a great technique for a low-fat diet. Brines can help you eat healthier by making lean cuts of meat like chicken, turkey and pork juicier and more flavorful with minimal oil or butter.


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