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How do you manage stress?How do you keep up with the fast paced society?How do you release your problems, to feel better?
Here are tips that I have learned from experience and people to relieve yourself from stress and problems and to make your mind and spirit healthy.


Yes. Smile. That is the simplest and the most precious thing that you can share to people and to yourself. It maybe hard for other people to share this genuinely, at least, you start to do it and later on, get used to it. It is the only curve that makes everything straight. It can make a bad day totally great. It can make you feel better, than yesterday. So, do not hesitate and share that smile to us.

Pause for a While and Take a Deep Breath

When everything seems so fast and it is getting hard to breath,try to pause and take a deep breath. Do not make yourself stressed out from keeping up with everything. Remember that you are not a robot and you deserve a break, so do not deprive yourself from it.

Write Your Problems then Burn Them

It may be your problems or the people you are angry with, whatever it is, write them down then burn them. If for now it is quite hard to share your thoughts to somebody, at least, this can be your outlet. Burn the things that remind you of problems, hatred and pain. Release yourself with the things that hold you down. Move on!


Once in a while, you have to listen; to the birds, to the wind and to your heart. In this generation, we are too preoccupied with many things and we don't even listen. Sometimes,in problematic situations, all you have to do is to listen for you to find peace and answers to everything.

Healthy Thought, Healthy Mind

What you eat will surely show in your body (except if you're experiencing a body problem). Same thing goes with your mind. What you think, will surely affect your mind then finally affect your body. So, positive thinking leads to a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Try not to Worry About Simple Problems

We all have problems. These are part of our lives. But you should not think that you carry the biggest problem in the world. Remember: every problem has a solution. So why worry too much about it? Many people wonder, "Is she problem free?Why is she very happy?" Being happy doesn't really mean you don't have problems. We all have problems. It all depends on how you manage them. We are not perfect but at least, we are trying our best to be real.

Be with People who Influence You Positively

These people may not necessarily be rich or successful, but be with these people who can influence you to be better. Like when you have problems, these people can listen to you and can advise you. In this world, we live through connections. We succeed through the help of some. We enjoy our life because we are not alone.

Drink With your Friends

This is the last option! Remember, Always drink moderately! Well, this may not be necessary but if you feel like doing it, you must be an adult to do so.
Anyway, alcohol can always release your problems but it doesn't solve your problems. At least, through it, you can share and you talk easily with your friends. And, do not drive! Better drink near you house or better, inside your house.

We are different in how we live our lives. But always remember, there are a lot of ways on how to be healthy in mind and body. The few things, are mentioned here.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Always try to maintain a positive outlook, great uplifting article.

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author avatar Shirra
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks. :)

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