A Smile is Free, it costs nothing to give, but could be everything to receive.

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Why a smile can be beneficial for us all to give or receive.


A smile is free. It costs absolutely nothing to give one but can mean the world to the person who receives it. You don’t need membership to own one and there is no limit to how many you can give or receive each day. A smile is always there for you, warming you from the inside out, and can brighten up the most miserable days.

You don’t have to know someone to flash them a grin, and you never know – they may return the favour! Smiles are good for the skin as you only use 6 muscles for a smile and over 30 for a frown. They also make you look younger and carefree, as opposed to a scowl that will add years to your looks.

Smiles attract people. It intrigues and beguiles them and makes them curious about you. People like to know more when someone shows warmth and a human side. Today, people forget to smile, they have places to be and too much to do – and as they move around their little world, the smile dies away and we are sad. When there is no smile, there can be no laughter, and no joy.

Smiles can make our day more pleasant and personal and can make us feel better if we are having a bad day. We should share them as much as we can with as many people as possible, as we never know how much another person may need one.

Smiles come as part of a set, which we can collect one by one. The other parts are laughter, hugs and kisses. The others may not come along as readily as a smile does, but the others are only possible when opening with a smile.

A smile can mean many things to many people. It can show a lonely person than someone does care. It can build a friendship between two or more people. It lets one know that they are loved and wanted. A smile shows that the world can be a better place than we think – we just need other people to join in and spread a smile.

It’s a lot easier than we think, this smiling business. We just don’t do it often enough.

Spread a smile, one person at a time.



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author avatar Penny W-T
6th May 2013 (#)

I do agree - a smile is the best way to exercise the face.

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author avatar Kingwell
6th May 2013 (#)

Beautiful my friend and I agree with you. Let's all keep smiling and we can change the world.

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